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Wheatgrass Growing Kit: Your Complete Guide

Sprouting is taking over the health-conscious consumer market- and rightly so, it increases nutrient availability and deactivates anti nutrients which occur naturally in seeds. Wheat seeds can be sprouted and grown into wheatgrass microgreens. Using a wheatgrass growing kit which is capable of holding hundreds of sprouts makes it much easier to sprout in bulk which can then be stored in the freezer for future consumption. This guide provides you with everything you need to know about wheatgrass growing kits, what to look for and where to buy them. 


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What Is A Wheatgrass Growing Kit?

A wheatgrass growing kit is a set of components or materials that enables you to grow your wheatgrass. A complete wheatgrass growing kit contains everything that you require to grow your seeds and sustain them until they reach the harvest or vegetative stage. The components of a wheatgrass growing kit include potting or soil mixture, seeds, instruction manual, and a tray(s). A growing kit may also contain other bonus components such as wooden plant markers and fertilizer.

Why Use A Wheatgrass Growing Kit?

Using a wheatgrass growing kit comes with various advantages that are worth the investment, some of which include:
Cost-Saving - Most wheatgrass growing kits can be used to sprout other microgreens such as mung beans, broccoli, alfalfa seeds, and rice, among others. This helps you to avoid unnecessary expenses whenever you intend to grow other microgreens after harvesting your wheatgrass.
Adjustability - Wheatgrass growing kits are adjustable. This allows for achieving the desired humidity and proper airflow. As a result, you will acquire a good yield of wheatgrass that will facilitate your nutritional desires and health benefits.
Suitable For Indoor Gardening - Wheatgrass growing kits afford your wheatgrass the ideal setting that they require for growing indoors. All the components of wheatgrass growing kits are specially designed to help you grow and harvest your wheatgrass at home. Usually, wheatgrass growing kits require a relatively small space to set up and grow your wheatgrass seeds.
No Pesticides - Pesticides are not needed when using wheatgrass growing kits because they considerably damage the ecosystem and are also harmful to the environment. Pesticides also contribute to a wide range of human health issues. These issues range from short-term effects such as nausea and headache to chronic effects such as endocrine disruption and reproductive harm.
Fun - Using wheatgrass growing kits is fun because it encourages you to grow wheatgrass in your backyard as a hobby. Involving family and friends to grow wheatgrass using a wheatgrass growing kit is also fun.  


How To Use A Wheatgrass Growing Kit



A wheatgrass growing kit is easy to assemble and use because your kit comes with an instruction manual. It is, therefore, essential to ensure that you follow the manual to grow and harvest a good yield of wheatgrass. 


1.  Fill a tray with one inch of the provided compost mixture.
2.  Rinse one package of your wheatgrass seeds 3 times before soaking.
3.  Drain off the water and adequately rinse your wheatgrass seeds.
4.  Place 4 layers of paper towels on your wheatgrass seeds.
5.  Pour enough water on the paper towels and ensure that water drips from the bottom of the tray.
6.  Keep the paper towels wet for the next three days to prevent the root hairs on the wheatgrass sprouts from drying out.
7.  Remove the paper towels when your wheatgrass grows to 1 or 2 inches.
8.  Water your wheatgrass once every day until water drips from the bottom of the tray. Keep your growing kit in a cool place to prevent the mold from developing on the roots.
9.  Space your planting on the wheatgrass growing kit every 5-6 days. By so doing, each tray consisting of 6-7-inch-tall grass may yield for you about 12 ounces of juice. 


Considerations When Buying A Wheatgrass Growing Kit

Brand - Choosing a reliable brand to source your wheatgrass growing kit is most likely to enable you to acquire a high-quality product. This is because such brands have improved their growing kits to address the concerns of customers in terms of effectiveness, durability, and potential to yield more wheatgrass.
Such brands also offer after-sales services such as product replacement and warranty, which saves you from incurring unnecessary costs. Some of the best brands or wheatgrass growing kits include Handy Pantry, Microgreen Pros, LeJoy Garden, Thunder Acres, Natural Roots, and Montree.
Size - The size of a wheatgrass growing kit to purchase depends on the amount of wheatgrass you want to grow. Bigger growing kits will provide you with enough space to grow much wheatgrass, which you can harvest, process into different products, and keep for daily use.
The amount of wheatgrass that a wheatgrass growing kit can yield depends on the number of growing components it has. For example, a wheatgrass growing kit with more than 2 large trays will yield much wheatgrass.
Time Taken To Grow - Some growing kits are more effective, and sprouts will begin to appear as early as 3 days while others take longer to sprouts. Check the product descriptions for various companies and the verified reviews of the customers.
Source Of Seeds - It is essential to check the source of seeds that come as part of the kit’s components. When choosing a growing kit, ensure that the seeds are organic and sproutable because not all wheatgrass seeds can be sprouted. Avoid wheatgrass seeds that have been treated by heat or with chemicals.
Growing Medium - Ensure that the growing medium for the wheatgrass growing kit you wish to purchase can be easily acquired within your location. Failure to make this observation may also lead to additional expenses since you need to buy a suitable growing medium for your wheatgrass.
Warranty - Ensure that you purchase a wheatgrass growing kit that has a warranty depending on your budget. A warranty will give you enough time to learn how to properly use the wheatgrass kit and help you avoid additional expenses in case your kit spoils fast. 


Top 10 Wheatgrass Growing Kits

Wheatgrass growing kits enable you to enjoy all the health benefits that wheatgrass has to offer, such as neutralizing toxins in your body, purifying the liver, and solving blood sugar problems. Wheatgrass growing kit is an essential tool for beginners for growing wheatgrass in your home.  
1.  Organic Wheatgrass Growing Starter Kit  

Brand Name: Handy Pantry
This is no doubt one of the most effective starter kits for growing wheatgrass in your outdoor garden. 
This kit is designed mainly for growing wheatgrass seeds and contains enough seeds to start off your sprouting project..  
What We Liked:
  • This kit comes with reusable 10 by 10-inch grow trays and another two 10 by 10-inch drip trays. 
  • This kit can also be used to grow other microgreens; hence would save you extra costs of purchasing sprouting kits for other microgreens. 
  • This kit is easy to use, and sprouts can appear in 2-3 days.
What We Disliked:  
  • The company also does not specify if the materials used to make the plastic trays are BPA-free or food-grade, and that raises some concerns. 

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2.  Certified Organic Wheatgrass Kit
Brand Name: Microgreen Pros
This is among some of the best wheatgrass growing kits available on Amazon, and it comes with all the components required to grow your wheatgrass and other microgreens right at your backyard. 
The easy-to-understand instructions make the growing process faster and more fun, and kids can actively participate in the growing process. 
What We Liked:
  • The product delivers fast after you place an order.
  • The grass sprouts also sprout easily and fast. 
  • The wonder soil plug that comes with this kit easily expands enough to fill the whole planter. 
  • It can also be used to plant other microgreens such as sunflower seeds that also grow fast and easily flourish. 
What We Disliked:
  • The kit may also be overpriced for some interested customers hence causing some concerns about price bias-ness. 

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3.  Reclaimed Barnwood Style Planter Wheatgrass Kit
Brand Name: Handy Pantry
This growing kit undoubtedly provides you with a beautiful display of wheatgrass. 
It comes along with organic wheatgrass seeds certified by OTCO, hence making it an ideal kit to grow your wheatgrass. 
What We Liked:
  • This kit is handmade, which guarantees that it is purely organic. 
  • Your wheatgrass can easily grow fast within 4 days and ready to harvest for cats in 6 days. 
What We Disliked:
  • Negative reviews about mismatching instructions are discouraging, more so for beginners.

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    4.  Complete Wheatgrass Growing Kit

    Brand Name: Thunder Acres
    A complete wheatgrass growing kit available on the market with organic coco coir, organic fertilizer, two growing trays, 4lbs of wheatgrass seeds, a spray bottle, and instructions manual. 
    Worth checking out the heavy-duty growing trays to make sense of the quantity of wheatgrass, you can grow using this tray.
    What We Liked:
    • It contains enough coco coir, fertilizer, and wheatgrass seeds for growing thrice. 
    • A great starter kit for learners, making it suitable to serve customers with different levels of experience in indoor wheatgrass growing. 
    What We Disliked:
    • Complaints about broken components such as spray bottles and poor packaging may raise some serious concerns. 

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    5.  2 Sets Sprouter Tray
    Brand Name: LeJoy Garden
    Nothing is as good as a growing kit that doubles as a storage tray. 
    No doubt, using this growing kit brings more fun when children are also on board to grow wheatgrass.
    The durability of this kit is a guarantee, so you don’t have to worry about extra expenses for new kits. 
    What We Liked:
    • Easy to water and also drain the water to prevent molding. 
    • The trays are gorgeous and can be easily kept clean and tidy. 
    What We Disliked:
    • The enormously sized mesh holes make it a little difficult to grow other sprouts such as broccoli, but using paper towels can easily solve the problem. 

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    6.  4 Layers Sprout Trays
    Brand Name: LeJoy Garden
    No doubt, this is the best multi-purpose growing kit because of its stability. 
    The densely small holes make it perfect for sprouting smaller seeds, such as mung beans. 
    Its high budding rate makes it more ideal for growing many seeds at once. 
    What We Liked:
    • Installation is easy hence saving you time to sprout more seeds and helping you save space. 
    • It requires no soil; hence no mess and the sprouts can grow within 4 days. 
    What We Disliked:
    • The small holes may not allow the roots and other seeds to grow well; hence fewer firm sprouts. 

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    7.  Seed Sprouter Tray
    Brand Name: LeJoy Garden
    The free Big Capacity Healthy Wheatgrass Grower that comes with this package is a worthy bonus when buying the seed sprouting tray. 
    Its big size promises greater yields of wheatgrass, which may comfortably supply enough wheatgrass for you and your cats. 
    What We Liked:
    • This kit is highly recommended by quite some customers, meaning it is a worthy kit. 
    • It is very efficient to drain water. 
    • The grid is big enough for roots to grow down the bottom and also small enough to hold the wheatgrass seeds properly. 
    What We Disliked:
    • May not be suitable to produce mold-free sprouts due to compromised air circulation. 

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    8.  Easy Cat Grass Kit (3 Pack)

    Brand Name: Microgreen Pros 
    Overview: No better deal for cat owners to sprout wheatgrass for their cats. 
    Place an order for your growing kit, and your package will be delivered containing the same package and product that you saw on Amazon. 
    What We Liked:
    • Easy to use for growing cat wheatgrass, which is ready for harvesting in 7-10 days. 
    • This kit also doubles as an educational and fun tool for explaining the growth cycle of various plants. 
    What We Disliked:
    • Some cats may dislike it, but they will love rubbing against the wheatgrass 

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    9.  Stainless Steel Seeds Sprouting Tray

    Brand Name: Natural Roots
    Overview:  There is no doubt this is one of the best sprouting kits to grow your wheatgrass because the stainless steel used to make this kit is resistant to corrosion and dust. 
    Using this kit makes you safe from any dangerous plastic materials that may affect your health. 
    This is also best for well-drained wheatgrass, thanks to the excellent wire mesh sprouting tray. 
    What We Liked:
    • This sprouting kit is heavy-duty, and its high quality promises a much better rate of germination. 
    • This sprouting kit is also multi-purpose hence saving costs for buying kits for sprouting other microgreens such as coco coir, alfalfa seeds, mung beans, and broccoli, among other microgreens. 
    What We Disliked:
    • The package does not come with seeds for sprouting and watering, among other essential components. 

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    10.  Seeds Sprouter Tray BPA Bean Sprout Grower Germination Kit

    Brand Name: Montree
    Overview: Here comes your most eco-friendly and healthy sprouting kit for wheatgrass. 
    No chemical additives or soil even makes it better by enhancing green and healthy wheatgrass sprouts for making soups, sandwiches, and salads. 
    Its cool concave design makes it more convenient for excellent breathability of the sprouts, which enhances faster seed germination. 
    What We Liked:
    • This seed sprouter tray is made of BPA free material that makes it safe, odorless, and durable to use for sprouting wheatgrass and other nutritious microgreens.
    • It is easy to check the water levels for your wheatgrass sprouts.
    • It comes with multiple trays at a relatively fair price. 
    What We Disliked:
    • Incidences of incomplete packages are noticeable in the reviews from other customers. 

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