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Is Wheatgrass Keto? The Dieter's Quick Guide

The short answer is, yes you can eat wheatgrass on a ketogenic diet. Wheatgrass and ketogenic are often discussed together: can you eat wheatgrass whilst following a ketogenic diet? How much wheatgrass can you consume? Does it kick you out of ketosis? 
We’ll be delving deep into both the ketogenic diet, it’s rules and whether wheatgrass is compatible, and how much you can consume.


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What Is Keto?

Keto or ketogenic, is a type of diet that restricts the intake of carbohydrates to under 20g per day. Once carbohydrates have been restricted your body burns the reserve glycogen supplies, before switching over to fat as the body’s fuel source. Proponents of this diet argue that it helps people to lose weight, stay more focused and even have more energy.
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What Is Wheatgrass?

Wheatgrass is the green shoot from young wheat. Once the seed has been soaked and started to germinate then green shoots will appear, at this point you harvest it for eating or juicing. If you were to leave wheatgrass to continue growing, under the right conditions, regular wheat would eventually grow. 
Wheatgrass has become very popular in the past decade for it’s purported health benefits, and high chlorophyll levels. Some of which include high vitamin, mineral, nutrient, antioxidant levels, leading to health benefits such as lower cholesterol, killing cancer cells, blood regulation, reduce inflammation, and even promote weight loss too! Source:


Why Is Wheatgrass Suitable For A Keto Diet?

The main requirement of eating a ketogenic diet is to consume less than 20g of carbohydrates per day. Therefore we will break down the nutrient content of wheatgrass to understand how much you’re able to consume.


Type Of Wheatgrass
Serving Size
Carbs Per Serving
Can I Consume?
Raw Wheatgrass
Wheatgrass Powder
8g (1tbsp)
Cold-Press Wheatgrass Juice
Wheatgrass Shot
Raw Wheatgrass - 4g 
A typical 4g serving of wheatgrass contains 2g of carbohydrate. As you can see the 2g is well within the 20g daily limit. Therefore it is suitable to be consumed on the ketogenic diet, and you’ll still have 18g of carbohydrate left! Nutritional information source:
Wheatgrass Powder - 1tbsp (8g)
1tbsp of wheatgrass powder contains 6g of carbohydrate. It’s common to add wheatgrass powder to your morning smoothie, green juice or shake. Therefore know that you can still keep up this healthy habit whilst following the ketogenic diet. Nutritional information source:
Cold-Press Wheatgrass Juice - 100ml 
100ml contains only 6g of carbohydrate. Making it keto friendly, allowing you to enjoy all of the health benefits without kicking you out of ketosis. Source:
Organic Wheatgrass Shots - 30ml
This is very dependent on the concentration and quantity. For this example we will assume your shot is 30ml of standard cold-pressed wheatgrass juice. It would contain 2g of carbohydrates.


Where To Buy Wheatgrass From

There are many places you can buy wheatgrass from, including health food stores, and farmer’s markets. Here are a few tips for buying your wheatgrass fix, whether you’re growing yourself or looking for it fresh.
Grown Wheatgrass - We would suggest checking out your local whole foods, and specialist health food stores or heading to your local farmer’s market to find it. Alternatively we would suggest that you look for local growing, microgreen, sprouting facebook groups who also commonly sell them too.
Growing Supplies - If you’re looking to grow at home we would suggest that you find good quality seeds from a reputable seller as well as some basic equipment such as trays, stands and watering jug.


How Best To Consume Wheatgrass

There are many ways to consume wheatgrass, with no one best or correct method. A lot will depend on where you sourced your wheatgrass from, what equipment you have in your household as well as your personal preference.
A few examples for how to consume wheatgrass:
Smoothie or Shake - you can incorporate either pressed wheatgrass juice or wheatgrass powder into your shake. You don’t have to add much and easily offset the taste by adding fruit or other sweet ingredients.
Juice - After you’ve brought or finished growing your wheatgrass you can put them through a juicer for easy digestion and convenient consumption.
Shot - A great way to start the day is by doing a shot of wheatgrass. Not only will it wake you up but also you won’t have to drink any more throughout the day!


Can You Use Wheatgrass As A Keto Supplement?

Many people when following the ketogenic diet worry about vitamin and nutrient deficiency. Although wheatgrass can’t provide you with everything, it certainly may help. It can be a great way to get extra nutrients, be sure to include it as part of a mixed and varied diet.


Can You Eat Wheatgrass To Break A Fast?

Yes, wheatgrass is a vegetable that is easy for your body to digest. The easiest to digest form is wheatgrass juice.


Benefits Of Eating Wheatgrass On A Keto Diet

When following a ketogenic diet many worry that they’ll miss out on many micronutrients and the health benefits of a varying diet. Therefore it’s common to supplement with “super foods and greens” that contain high levels of nutrients without knocking them out of ketosis. Therefore wheatgrass is often popular with those that follow the keto diet.


Youtube Review Of Wheatgrass And Keto


Common Questions

Are There Carbs In Wheatgrass?
Yes all food contains carbs in some varying amount. Wheatgrass is a low carb food that can be consumed whilst following a ketogenic diet.
How Do You Get Potassium On Keto?
We would recommend eating low carb foods that contain high levels of potassium. One source could be wheatgrass, be sure to always check the amount contained against your daily requirement.
What Is The Nutritional Value Of Wheatgrass?
Most drink wheatgrass for the purported health benefits that come from the chlorophyll content, and micronutrients. In terms of macro nutrients (protein, fats, and carbs) wheatgrass contains very little.
Do Keto Pills Really Work?
Keto pills are supplements sold with the promise of sending your body into a state of ketosis. Although they’re thought to be safe, the long-term health benefits are unknown. They also gained a reputation for certain adverse health effects such as nausea, diarrhea, and stomach discomfort.
Why Is Wheatgrass Bad For You?
As with all health foods, separating fact from fiction can be difficult. Some find that they have gastrointestinal issues after they begin to consume wheatgrass, although it is likely to pass after a few days. Also there is no proven evidence that wheatgrass will cure any disease or ailment therefore can not be toutued as such either.
Is Wheatgrass Good For Weight Loss?
Wheatgrass is a nutritionally dense food that contains few carbohydrates. You could use it to aid in weight loss by substituting your can of soda for cold-pressed juice. However ultimately it comes down to many factors, including, diet and exercise - wheatgrass isn’t and can’t be used as a magic pill.
Does Wheatgrass Make You Poop?
Wheatgrass is a food that’s very high in fiber which has been linked to bowel regulation. Therefore depending on the individual and how their body reacts it’s possible that wheatgrass encourages more frequent pooping. 
Is Wheatgrass Good For Kidneys?
Due to the high concentration of potassium it’s not recommended to drink for those with renal issues. If you’re concerned you should always contact your physician or a registered dietician. Further reading can be found here:
Is Wheatgrass Good For Your Skin?
It’s thought that the antioxidants in wheatgrass can protect your skin from UV, environmental exposure as well as help with antiaging. Therefore it is suggested that wheatgrass is good for your skin. For further reading check out:
Is Wheatgrass Good For Cancer?
Although it has been suggested, there is no evidence that wheatgrass cures cancer. You should always follow the advice of your physician. 
When Should I Drink Wheatgrass Juice?
You should drink whenever you would like to drink it. Although there is thought that drinking on an empty stomach could decrease the effects of nausea, and could help with absorption, the best time to drink is whenever you can.



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