About Us

The Grow Your Pantry Mission

We're on a mission, over the next 10 years to help 2,000,000 people grow, ferment, preserve, and cook their own food.
Busy lives, short attention spans and small apartments.
The connections to what we eat has been lost.
Our Mission Is To Fix This.

About Our Writer 

I'm Susan Grey, the lady behind Grow Your Pantry Blog. I've been baking, growing, fermenting, preserving and experimenting with all things food since the age of 8 (I'm 64 now!). Every weekend you can find me either in the garden prepping for the seasons or in the kitchen whipping up something new. Grow Your Pantry is where I share all of my findings, knowledge and expertise. Since the time I started writing, Grow Your Pantry has grown into hundreds of thousands of readers annually!