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Can Cats Eat Wheatgrass? The Feline Guide

Yes, cats can eat and consume wheatgrass. Although, be warned, it’s very common for your cat to regurgitate the wheatgrass and bring up fur balls too. We’ll delve into what this means for your cat, is it even healthy? How much should they eat? And all of your other questions answered.


What Is Wheatgrass?

Wheatgrass is the young shoot of the wheat plant. After you soak and rinse the seeds they’ll begin to germinate and after several days the characteristic green shoots will appear. The germination causes a surge in nutrients in the wheatgrass, making them packed with vitamins, minerals and also chlorophyll too. 


Why Can Cats Eat Wheatgrass?

Cats can eat wheatgrass in small quantities and maintain health. Cats are carnivores, they need a diet rich in animal proteins to maintain health. They lack a certain enzyme that allows them to digest vegetables. Cats are not designed to consume high volumes of vegetables, although they do enjoy eating wheatgrass. There have not been any studies that prove wheatgrass to be healthy or unhealthy, therefore it’s not recommended to feed high volumes to your cat.
Can Cats Eat Wheatgrass Powder? - Wheatgrass powder is often highly concentrated wheatgrass, that has been juiced before being dehydrated and turned to powder. As this is so concentrated and cats aren’t exposed to this type of food naturally it can’t be recommended for them to eat. 
Can Diabetic Cats Eat Wheatgrass? Yes, diabetic cats can consume wheatgrass. Wheatgrass does not contain high amounts of carbohydrates. The same advice for all cats would be to not overfeed them, or it may upset their stomach. 
Do Cats Enjoy Eating Wheatgrass? Yes! Many cats enjoy wheatgrass, it’s a different texture to their normal diet, providing variety and change - it also tastes good too! 
Wheatgrass For Cats With Kidney Disease? It’s thought that wheatgrass can help your cat with kidney disease. You may notice that your cat will develop a large appetite for grass, always wanting to consume more than the typical amount. This could suggest that they have an underlying health condition which wheatgrass could help. Be sure to speak to your vet if your cat is acting abnormally. 

Health Benefits Of Cats Eating Wheatgrass

There are many reasons why feeding your cat wheatgrass is beneficial to both their mental and physical health.
Here Are Our Top 5:
Mentally Stimulate The Cat - Particularly domestic house cats can get very bored if stuck inside all day with little human interaction. By varying their diet, introducing them to new foods, textures and flavors it can be exciting and good for the cat’s mental health. 
Remove Hair Balls - Hearing your cat cough and spit out fur balls is an unpleasant but necessary ordeal. Wheatgrass can aid your cat in removing unwanted fur balls in their stomach by irritating it before they’re sick. 
Improves Immune System - The fact that wheatgrass contains lots of vitamins, minerals and nutrients could help your cat to strengthen their immune system. 
Weight Loss - If you have a slightly chubby or lazy cat, by giving them wheatgrass it’s a healthy snack that contains very few calories. Leaving them to feel more satisfied and craving less food at meal times. 
Dental Health - Wheatgrass has been shown to improve gum and oral health of cats, and has even been suggested to reduce tooth decay. This could save you a lot on vet bills!
For more reading on health benefits check out:

How Much And How Often Can Cats Eat Wheatgrass?

We would suggest a small handful at most. Often popular planting and growing kits will let your cat just come and graze on the grass as they’d like. They’ll know how much they want, and then it will grow back quickly too.


Can Cats Eat Wheatgrass Everyday? 

Yes you cat can have a small amount of wheatgrass daily and stay healthy too. 


Recommended Wheatgrass For Cats

Wheatgrass typically falls into pre grown, off the shelf solution and also home growing kits. We’ll break them down to better understand which variety suits your house and needs. 


Recommend Fully Grown Wheatgrass
With the rise of popularity, more and more stores are starting to carry wheatgrass. We would suggest looking at your local health food stores, pet stores, farmers markets and even local Facebook groups (check out growing, microgreens and sprouting).


Growing Wheatgrass For Cats

There are a lot of popular home growing wheatgrass kits, as well as different brands, and styles. Here is our favourite: 
Brand: Window Garden
Price: Check Latest Price On Amazon
Overview: A simple and stylish transparent tray allows you to be able to view your growing wheatgrass from seed to shoot. Coming complete with both seeds and soil - this is the convenient all in one solution for you.
Recommended Wheatgrass Seeds
Picking the right seeds is essential to a fruitful crop. We would always look for certified organic and non-gmo from a reputable seed supplier. 
Brands: Powergrow
Price: Check Latest Price On Amazon
Overview: Powergrow guarantees all of their seeds to grow, giving you the reassurance to buy. These seeds can be used for many different uses including sprouting, growing, juicing, baking and so many more.

Common Health Concerns 

What To Do If My Cat Has Already Eaten Wheatgrass? 
This isn’t a problem, with cats eating wheatgrass, although be warned they may have some adverse effects such as vomiting, or even itchy skin. If you suspect that your cat has become unwell you should always contact and visit your vet immediately. 
Can Wheatgrass Make Cats Sick?
It’s unlikely to make your cat sick however there are some common side effects. Cats are missing the enzyme that allows them to digest vegetables meaning that it’s common for certain symptoms to develop. Don’t be alarmed a lot are natural and normal. The most common reaction is for cats to cough up fur balls, after wheatgrass is in the stomach it may irritate it bringing up all the unwanted fur balls with it.
Can Wheatgrass Cause Diarrhea In Cats? 
Wheatgrass could cause diarrhea in cats due to the high fibre content and inability to digest it. If it’s persistent or more than you’d expect, you should contact your vet - be sure to keep your cat hydrated.



Common Questions

Is Cat Grass The Same As Wheatgrass? 
Yes, cat grass and wheatgrass are the same, however both are different to catnip. They also have different effects on your cat too, be sure to check what you’re feeding your cat first. 
How Do I Give My Cat Wheatgrass? 
You can let them eat straight out of the pot, juice it or feed them individual sprouts. Each way is good and enjoyable for your cat to drink. 
What Is The Best Grass For Cats To Eat? 
Cat’s can be found eating many different types of grass, including your lawn! We would recommend wheatgrass as cats enjoy it and it’s safe for them to eat too. 
Is It Okay For My Cat To Eat Grass? 
Yes, your cats can eat grass. Although we would recommend making sure it comes from a reputable source that is not covered in chemicals, pesticides or harmful bacteria. 
Is Wheat Gluten Bad For Cats?
Most cat’s are not allergic to gluten, however they do exist. Gluten is also not a requirement for your cat to eat to stay healthy either. Although some gluten may be beneficial it’s not necessary to eat.
Does Cat Grass Make Cats Throw Up?
It’s thought that the cat grass cleans out the cat's stomach, which will irritate it causing it to throw up. Oftentimes the cat will vomit fur balls, or spiders webs that had been stuck.
Is Wheatgrass Good For Pets?
Wheatgrass can provide animals with concentrated vitamins and minerals, as well as give good antioxidant effects too. Be sure to speak to your vet to understand the individual pets requirements and if they can consume it, how much is suitable.
Do Indoor Cats Need Grass?
Cats can live without grass cna cat grass, although it would be good for the cat to have more variety and change. This can include changing the diet and including some grass too.


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