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Does Wheatgrass Break A Fast? The Quick Guide

In most cases wheatgrass will not break your fast, however this will depend on the amount of wheatgrass you consume. The accepted rule of thumb is if you eat over 50 calories then your body will no longer be in a fasted state. Although you could claim that by consuming 1 calorie your body is no longer in a fasted state the normal rule is 50 calories.
This article will explain all about wheatgrass, fasting, the benefits of both and why wheatgrass is a great way to break your fast.


[This article is not medical advice nor should it be acted upon as medical advice. Consult a physician or medical expert before changing your diet.]


What Is Wheatgrass?

Wheatgrass is the 10 day old shoot of the wheat kernel. After soaking and regularly watering the kernels they experience a surge in nutrients which produces shoots. After 10 days you can harvest the shoots by cutting before consuming.
In recent years wheatgrass has grown in popularity for the purported health benefits. Typically consumed as wheatgrass shots, wheatgrass juice and powders too. 
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What Is Fasting?

Fasting is the abstinence of eating food or calories for a period of time. Fasting has shot to popularity in recent years, with many variations existing including intermittent fasting (IF), one meal per day (OMAD), 5:2 diet and even water fasting.
If you have underlying health conditions or are going to change your diet then you should always consult your physician or qualified medical professional before you start the new diet. 


It has been reported to have many health benefits such as:
  • Blood Sugar Control
  • Fight Inflammation
  • Boost Brain Function 
  • Aid In Weight Loss
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Does Wheatgrass Break A Fast?

In most cases no, consuming wheatgrass will not break a fast because wheatgrass contains around 25 calories per 8g serving. However if you consume more than 16g of wheatgrass then you will break your fast. If you want to remain in a fasted state then be sure to measure out your servings correctly.
Wheatgrass is high in water content, easy to digest, and packed with lots of nutrients which means it could be a healthy way to break your fast.


Does Wheatgrass Juice And Shots Break A Fast?

Drinking the average serving of wheatgrass juice or shot will not break your fast, but as with all food be sure to check the serving size before consuming. Wheatgrass juice is the extracted juice. When drinking this green drink you’ll be consuming a lot of nutrients easily but also you’ll be consuming calories, which could break your fast. There is typically 8 calories per wheatgrass shot - source:


Does Wheatgrass Powder Break A Fast?

The typical serving of wheatgrass powder will not break your fast. Wheatgrass powder is typically blended or mixed with water which then forms a quick and easy green juice. Wheatgrass typically has 30 calories per wheatgrass powder serving - source:


What’s The Best Way To Stop Fasting?

When breaking your fast it’s essential to do it in a planned and methodical way. Depending on the length of time you have been fasting for also dictates how you should break your fast too.
As recommended by fasting should be broken with easy to digest nutrient rich foods. These include freshly made fruit and vegetable juices, raw fruits, bone broths, fermented foods, leafy greens, cooked vegetables, vegetable soups.
As wheatgrass is an easy to digest food, you could break your fast with a small cup of wheatgrass juice.
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Chlorophyll And Fasting

Chlorophyll is several pigments found in algae and plants. It’s what turns the plants green, by allowing plants to absorb energy from sunlight. Chlorophyll is found in wheatgrass, as shown by the characteristic bright green color.

Does Chlorophyll Break Fasts?

Chlorophyll on it’s own is not going to break your fast. Contained within wheatgrass as long as you check the quantity you’re consuming and make sure you don’t exceed the 50 calories limit then it won't break your fast.


Does Wheatgrass Kick You Out Of Ketosis?

No wheatgrass can be consumed whilst following a ketogenic diet for it does not contain high levels of carbohydrates therefore you will remain in ketosis. The typical serving of wheatgrass contains just 6g per serving (source:
The average person can consume up to 20g of carbs before being out of ketosis. 


Common Questions

Can I Have Broth While Fasting?
No, broth broth will break your fasted state. Instead bone broth is a suggested way to break your fast. As it is very nutrient dense and easy to digest recommend it as a way to break your fast.
What Can You Drink When You Are Fasting?
As fasting is the avoidance of food or calories consumption for a specified period of time, then you can not consume any drinks with calories. Therefore the only recommended drink to consume when fasting is water.
How Much Wheatgrass Should You Drink Per Day?
If you’re new to consuming wheatgrass it would be suggested to not drink more than 1 serving per day. This equates to 1-4oz or roughly 2 wheatgrass shots. For further reading checkout the article.
Does Juicing Break Intermittent Fasting?
Yes, consuming juice breaks your intermittent fast. Typically intermittent fasting has a 12-18 hour period of no food consumption. This will mean that no food or calories are consumed for this period therefore you can not consume juice without breaking your fast.
What Not To Eat After Fasting?
It is absolutely not recommended to binge on fatty heavy foods. This will likely cause stomach ache, the feeling of crashing and in extreme cases of long fasts could even cause death. Foods would include pizzas, fried meats and chips.
Instead opt for light easy to digest foods such as raw fruits, juice, steamed vegetables, bone broths, or vegetable soup.
How Many Calories Kick You Out Of Fasting?
It’s widely cited that if you keep your calories intake below 50, then you will not go out of a fasted state. Although it’s common that people will abstain from calories all together and even one calorie they claim will break their fast. 
Can I Have Cream In My Coffee While Intermittent Fasting?
No, cream is very dense in calories which will stop your fasted state. If you chose to have cream then it should only be during your eating window and not whilst you’re fasting.



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