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Buying the right sprouting equipment, seeds, and beans will not only make the process a lot easier, quicker and simpler but will also ensure you enjoy it more too. 
There are a few main different methods for sprouting, each requiring different equipment: trays, bags and machines. Each have their own pros and cons, which we’ll review to ensure you get the most suitable set up for you. We’ll also review how to pick the perfect seeds, what to look for and how to get seeds that sprout every time. 


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Selecting the right seeds is easy when you follow a few simple rules:
Ensure they state they’re suitable for “Sprouting” - sprouting seeds have tight FDA regulations and recommendations. Unlike normal garden seeds they have to be procured in more hygienic environments. Typical Garden seeds may have been contaminated with natural manure fertilizers or other bacteria. Therefore sprouting seeds need to be clearly marked, tested and certified.


Broccoli Seeds 

Brand - Todd's Seeds
Price - $16.49
Quantity - 8oz 
Overview: Broccoli sprouts are simple and easy to sprout, also they are packed with sulforaphane which has a wide array of purported health benefits.The source of the seeds is very high quality, making them safe to sprout and consume. They also have a very high sprouting success rate, and good value for money too. Making them the #1 pick for broccoli sprouting seeds.
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Alfalfa Seeds

Brand - Country Creek
Price - $12.99
Quantity - 16oz 
Certificates - Non-GMO
Overview - Alfalfa sprouts are perfect for adding to your salad, smoothie or as a crunchy sandwich filler too. These sprouts are high quality, and have great feedback too. The sprout house are a trusted name in the sprouting industry, and have a good sprouting success rate too.
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Rainbow Sprouting Seed Mix

Brand - Rainbow Radish Sprouting Mix
Price - $17.99
Quantity - 1lb
Overview - A unique blend of red arrow, purple triton & white daikon. Making for a flavorful sprouted salad, smoothie addition or in a sandwich. Buying a pre-made mix makes it super simple for you to experiment, and try new flavors without having to buy each individual variety.
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Mung Bean Sprouting Beans

Brand - The Sprout House
Price - $21.95
Quantity - 5 lbs 
Overview - Mung bean sprouts are particularly hard to find for sprouting. Mung bean sprouts are probably the most commonly eaten type of sprout. They’re particularly popular in East Asian cuisine and cooking. 
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Adzuki Beans 

Brand -
Country Creek 
Price - $19.99 
Quantity - 2lbs 
Overview - Often called red mung beans, adzuki beans are a type of bean is very popular in South East Asia. They’re a small protein packed bean, that’s slightly harder to sprout than your typical seed or bean. Certified adzuki beans are hard to find, not as many seed or bean suppliers sell them. 
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Chickpeas (Garbanzo)

Brand -
 Todd's Seeds
Price - $11.99 
Quantity - 16oz 
Overview - The tasty chickpea sprouts, need high quality beans to sprout. We've chosen Todd's 16oz of seeds for their non-gmo quality and high sprouting success rate.
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Brand - Country Creek Seeds
Price $9.99
Quantity - 16oz 
Overview - Organic, Non-GMO sprouting seeds,  perfect for sprouting, gardening and hydroponics. Country Creek have a strong reputation for quality.
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Nuts, Grains & Others


Price - $7.99
Brand - Country Creek
Quantity - 16oz 
Overview - As quinoa is sold to be boiled or soaked in hot water to cook, most commercial quinoa can be used to grow sprouts from. A very low priced option for those looking to grow sprouts, you’ll be able to grow many for a fraction of other seeds costs.
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Brown Rice

Brand - Lundberg
Price - $27.00
Quantity - 4.4lbs
Overview - Often called the staple food source of the world, rice is plenty available at very low prices. Sukoyaka is a high quality supplier of rice too, making this ideal for home sprouting, only taking 2-3 days to sprout! Note: you must use brown rice for sprouting, short grain, or wild will not sprout. Brown rice still contains the germ therefore will sprout.
4.4lbs is a lot of rice which will last you a long time, you can use for cooking, or sprouts hundreds of times over.
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Brand - Terrasoul Foods
Price - $24.99 
Quantity - 2lbs
Overview - Most types of almonds have been pasteurized, by steam or heat, even though they may say “raw” on the packaging. Terrasoul foods advertise that the almonds are suitable for being sprouted. These almonds are grown in Spain where pasteurization is not a requirement, unlike the USA.
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Green Pea Sprouts

Brand - Country Creek 
Price - $8.24 
Quantity - 8oz 
Overview - Produced and packaged in the US these green pea sprouts have a high sprouting success rate. Country Creek is a reputable brand with good customer service too. Pea sprouts have a fresh crunchy taste, a refreshing addition to salads or sandwiches. They take longer than most types of sprouts to grow, up to 10 days. 
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Sprouting In A Jar

Overview  - Sprouting in a jar is one of the most commonly used sprouting techniques. By using your regular mason jar, a specialty lid, and some seeds you’ll have sprouts growing in no time. An extremely cost effective sprouting jar kit can be bought for under $30. 


Best Complete All In One Kit

Our personal favourite is  broccoli sprouting mason jar kit. You can get a jar, lid, and broccoli seeds too, the perfect all in one solution for the beginner grower. By including 4oz of seeds you’ll be able to sprout many times before needing to buy more seeds. 
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Best Self Assembly Option 

Best Jar

Here’s Our First Pick: 4 x 16oz C
anning Jars for $22.99
Jars are a dime a dozen, hundreds of brands, sizes, shapes and varieties. When buying jars we’re brand loyal, and would always recommend wide-mouth Ball Canning Jars. They’re a long established company that produces their glass in the USA. You’ll be rest assured that they’re high quality, contain no heavy metals and support the USA economy too. Wide mouth is more suited to sprouting for extra airflow and helping to prevent mold too.
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Best Lid

There are a few types of lids that can be used when sprouting, the main points to look for are knowing the size of your mason jar mouth, and secondly how well it lets your sprouts drain and aerate. A lot of lids are produced using cheap metal which will not stand up to the rigours of continuous water exposure, becoming rusty quickly - be sure to avoid them.
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Our Favourite Is Mason Tops’ Inverted Sprouter
Type Of Jar: Wide Mouth Mason Jar (3.6” width) - Compatible With Ball Canning Jars
Overview: Mason Tops have taken the conventional design and massively improved upon it. They have inverted the lid in the centre for no-splash washing and filling, the width of the top rack can be used for all sizes of seeds and beans, none too small, and the plastic nibs on the top can be used for speedy drainage.
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Sprouting In A Tray

Overview - The option of sprouting in a tray can be more convenient as you can sprout a lot at the same time. Often designs will be stackable, allowing for a high yield from a small area of counter space. Unlike jars which will start to fill up your kitchen.
Who’s This Ideal For? The sprout lover who eats sprouts everyday!
Round Sprouting Tray - The most popular sprouting tray has to be the Deluxe Seed Sprouting Tray by Kitchen Crop. Containing 4 layers which can be used to sprout many types of different seeds and beans. One variation includes 1oz of alfalfa seeds to get you going too!
Once you’ve washed your sprouts they’ll conveniently drip dry, with the water collecting in the bottom tray.
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Sprouting Using A Machine

Overview - This is the ultimate hands off sprouting experience, it’ll water, regulate the temperature, and grow your sprouts with maximum efficiency. You won't have to worry about your sprouts, just add your seeds or beans and leave until fully grown. It’s a high tech machine!
Who’s This Ideal For? The busy sprouter - loves sprouts, and eats regularly but doesn't have the time to sprout them.
The standard price is $159.99 which is great value for money, to have fresh sprouts to consume daily, without the worry of remembering to clean, wash and grow on your own.
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