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Bread Slicers: The Complete Top 10

Slicing a bread loaf is easy enough but doing it perfectly can be a tall order for most. This is because the slices don’t end up uniform when done freehand or you end up with more bread crumbs than actual slices. For this reason, the bread slicer was invented.
Our current favorite is the Kitchen Naturals slicer (available here) a beautiful bamboo slicer with 3 size options and a built in knife holder, making it our best bread slicer.

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So, what’s a bread slicer? This refers to any piece of kitchen equipment that aids in slicing loaves of bread by maintaining precise cuts via guided slicing design or electronic means.


Why Buy One?

Ease of Use
A bread slicer takes out the guessing game that comes with having to slice bread without a guided measurement.
Perfect Slices
Why suffer through a sandwich with two uneven slices of bread? Bread slicers ensure that all your slices are of equal sizes and perfectly aligned.
Save Time
Slicing your bread is one of those tasks that you forget how much of a chore it is until you come to do it. It's much faster to work with a bread slicer than manually slicing the bread.
Cleaner Operation
Most bread slicers come with a crumb catcher to prevent the bread crumbs causing a messy kitchen.
If you are in the bread business then you should own a bread slicer as it reduces the amount of human contact that the bread comes into during slicing, thus maintaining higher hygienic standards.

Types Of Bread Slicers



Bread slicers come in various sizes and shapes all depending on the functionality and slicing capabilities. However, there are two distinct groups of bread slicers, electric and manual countertop slicers.
Electric Bread Slicing Machines: These are mostly for commercial use and rely on a DC motor to drive the cutting blade. These are best recommended for a heavy-use scenario such as in a bakery.
Single Slice Cutters: This is probably the most common variety of bread slicer. They come in various designs and materials from bamboo to hardwood and even hard plastics.

Considerations For Purchasing



Always go for sturdy materials such as hardwoods, the materials should also be free of any hazardous chemicals such as lacquer wood finish, and some types of plastics.
A bread slicer should be a long-term item so it doesn’t make any sense to go for a small slicer which will only be capable of serving you when dealing with mini loaves. Plus, larger bread slicers tend to have more slicing grooves thus making it easy to work on a single roll all at once.
Remember always to pick a slicer with an adjustable slice size option; this will allow you to experiment and find the perfect thickness for each occasion
Crumb Catcher
Having a bread slicer with a removable crumb catcher will limit the unnecessary mess caused by bread crumbs as well as make it easy to clean up after slicing.
Type Of Bread Slicing Guide
Always go for a bread slicer with precision guide slots that are coded for easy thickness selection, this also ensures that the knife alignment is still on point to avoid making rough and mismatch slices.
Safety Features
A bread slicer requires rubber feet so as to avoid sliding and slipping; otherwise, it will be dangerous to work on it as it will just move around the countertop.
Ease Of Cleaning 
Go for an easy to clean slicer that does not require to be disassembled every time you need to clean it.

Top 10 Bread Slicers

1. Kitchen Naturals (Check The Latest Price Here)

Brand: Kitchen Naturals
kitchen_naturalsPrice: $44.99
Material: Eco-friendly bamboo wood
Kitchen Naturals’ bread slicer is not only equipped to flawlessly slice but also manages to make the entire process fun. For starters, the natural bamboo wood used is sturdy and has anti-bacterial properties. The slicer can be configured to cut in either of the three available slice sizes. Kitchen Naturals recognizes the need to conserve space in your kitchen, and they have gone out of their way to incorporate the foldable design making it easier to store. A plastic board has also been integrated toward the rear end which holds the loaf of bread in place while you slice.
What We Liked:
  • The slicer has an in-built knife rest which holds your knife safely between cuts.
  • Ability to work on slices of up to 6 inches thickness and additional 3 size options.
What We Disliked:
  • Unfortunately due to the high demand the product is currently out of stock.

2. Bambüsi (Check The Latest Price Here)

Brand: Bambüsi

Price: $24.99
Material: Natural bamboo wood
The Bambüsi all-natural bamboo wood bread slicer is a sight to behold. Equipped with a slicing guide, you can rest assured that every slice you make will always be uniform. The sides are grooved so as to guide your knife and is perfect for a 10-inch knife. The bread slicer with crumb catcher tray helps collects all those bread crumbs preventing you from making a mess on the counter top. It is also compact foldable bread slicer which goes flat which is especially great if your kitchen is crowded.
What We Liked:
  • The product is backed by a lifetime guarantee farther affirming the firm’s commitment to quality.
  • The slicer folds easily into a flat design for space saving.
What We Disliked:
  • The firm does not provide enough documentation on how to fold the slicer leading to breakages when customers try to force the contraption to fold up.

3. Eon Concepts (Check The Latest Price Here)

Brand: Eon Concepts
eon_conceptPrice: $11.99
Material: ABS resin
Eon Concepts relies on high-grade material to manufacture this delicately designed bread slicer. The result of this is a tenacious and robust product that is more than capable of withstanding long term use as well as high temperatures, which is bound to happen in any kitchen. The materials are also odorless and non-toxic. The anti-slip design ensures that the slicer remains firmly planted on the counter as you work on your favorite bread thanks to the 2 rubber paddings that are included. The model also incorporates multiple thickness cutting such as 2.5cm, 2cm, 1.5cm and 1cm. By merely sliding the divider you can alternate between these options.
What We Liked:
  • The compact design makes it possible to fold the slicer thus saving space and making it compact to store.
  • The ability to quickly switch in between the various thickness options makes this a must-have slicer.
What We Disliked:
  • The slicer can only cut one slice at a time thus making it time-consuming for a more commercial use.

4. GloBamboo (Check The Latest Price Here)

Brand: GloBamboo
Price: $24.99
Material: Organic Bamboo wood
GloBamboo is offering the best of their unique professional patents in this organic bamboo bread slicer. The design allows you to switch in-between three slice sizes on the go. The crumb catcher is located on the base and ensures that all your bread slicing operations don’t leave you with a dirty kitchen. This slicer has such a beautiful light brown bamboo color that it will stand out in any kitchen and can be used as a decorative tray. It's also compact and straightforward to fold for storage. Due to its wide design, the slicer can be used to work on various types of bread, bagels, and even cakes.
What We Liked:
  • A lifetime guarantee backs the product.
  • The slicer is easy to clean just wipe with either a damp or dry cloth, and you’re ready to go.
What We Disliked:
  • Some customers pointed out that the packages are missing the enclosed non-slip feet which are supposed to make the slicer easy to use on countertops.

5. Norpro (Check The Latest Price Here)

Brand: Norpro
Price: $17.99
Material: Acrylic, Pinewood
Norpro prides itself in offering quality and innovation and has been in operation since 1973. Their bread slicer is no exception to these high standards and features a no-frills design. The acrylic slicing guides are perfectly set for a uniform cutting action. The slicer is equipped with a crumb catcher to eliminate the mess as well as make it easy to clean up. Norpro also incorporates modular design making it easy to assemble, maintain and clean without requiring any specialized knowledge. Each package is shipped with detailed instructions manual on how to perform any of these tasks. The inexplicably high sides permit the slicer to accommodate all loaf varieties including large ones.
What We Liked:
  • The slicer can be integrated with an electric cutter to fasten the bread slicing process.
  • High-quality materials.
What We Disliked:
  • The slice size is set to 1/2 inch thickness and cannot be adjusted.

6. Skater Brand (Check The Latest Price Here)

Brand: Skater Brand
Price: $9.99
Material: Plastic
If you are in the market for a lightweight and simple to use bread slicer, then this is the product for you. This Japanese bread slicer is capable of slicing in 4 different thicknesses: 1cm, 1.5cm, 2cm, and 2.5cm. The size adjuster is also surprisingly sturdy and also acts as a stopper to prevent the slice from moving around before you are done slicing. The slicer is foldable for compact storage and can also be used to slice other products such as cheese and ham.
What We Liked:
  • The ability to choose between 4 different thickness sizes.
What We Disliked:
  • The slicer can only cut one slice at a go.

7. The Bread Pal (Check The Latest Price Here)

[Out Of Stock]

Brand: SierraBASE LLC
Price: $49.95
Material: Maple and birch hardwood
SierraBASE LLC is offering their Bread Pal slicer which is made in America using locally sourced materials. The hardwood used is not only long lasting but also ensures that you don’t end up with wood splinters in your slices. The set up is relatively easy as the slicer integrates a self-locking design for both shipping and easy storage. The 6 1/4 inch wide space is more than enough to accommodate homemade bread and cakes as well as the standard 6-inch wide loaves. The slicer also comes with a plastic cutting board at the bottom. In case you want to change the width of the slices just use a different slot along the guide instead of having to fumble around with changing the slicer’s thickness like in other brands.
What We Liked:
  • Sturdy hardwood knife guides that are long-lasting.
What We Disliked:
  • You will need a long knife to work with this unit, at least 11 inches long.

8. Yummy Sam (Check The Latest Price Here)

[Out Of Stock]

Brand: Yummy Sam
Price: $9.99
Material: ABS resin
Yummy Sam utilizes high-quality material in manufacturing this bread slicer. This material is not only sturdy but is also toxin-free and will withstand temperatures ranging from -10°C to 90°C. The setup can be adjusted to cut in 4 different thickness: 1cm, 2cm, 3cm, and 4cm. The knife guides are also strong enough to withstand pressure while still protecting your fingers from the blade. When it comes to storage, this slicer can simply be folded up thus saving space.
What We Liked:
  • The bottom has an anti-skid design to prevent movement while slicing.
What We Disliked:
  • The knife guides are a bit wobbly as they do not have support on the top side.

9. Fshopping Foldable (Check The Latest Price Here)

Brand: Fshopping
Price: $35.99
Material: Food grade polypropylene
Fshopping is offering its latest bread slicer capable of quick and even slices of bread, cheese, and ham. The foldable design makes it easy to store while saving even more cupboard room. This slicer is also reasonably easy to clean thanks to the materials used. The tines are sturdy enough to withstand pressure even in the case of wrong operation. They are also designed with an in-line radian which clamps the bread effectively for an even more precise slicing experience. The tines are 0.5cm apart; this means you can either have 0.5cm thick slices or skip a couple of them to increase the thickness by the factor of 0.5cm.
What We Liked:
  • The tines are elastic enough to withstand blunt hits during operations.
What We Disliked:
  • The build feels cheap due to the excessive use of polypropylene plastic.

10. Mrs. Anderson (Check The Latest Price Here)

Brand: HIC Harold Import Co.mrs_anderson
Price: $19.99
Material: Acrylic and wood
With Mrs. Anderson’s bread slicer your days of awkward bread slices will be long gone. The acrylic panels are evenly spaced and perfectly aligned to provide clean cutting action on all bread varieties. The lower part is made of natural wood to avoid contamination and is also equipped with a crumb catcher. This bread slicer requires minor assembly and will be easy to clean by simply wiping with a dry cloth. The guides are 1/2-inch apart, and if you need a thicker slice, you can always cut after every two slots.
What We Liked:
  • The slicer comes with a wooden bottom instead of plastic which is more likely to get chipped.
What We Disliked:
  • The cutting size cannot be adjusted.


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