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Mushroom Growing Kits: The Top 10

Tasty, meaty and succulent…
Just a few words to describe the superfood, mushrooms.
We’ve eaten so many yet still feel daunted by the thought of growing them.
You’ll feel confident to grow your own at home in just a few minutes
Not Much Time? Skip To What You'd Like To Learn...


What Is a Mushroom Growing Kit?

An all-in-one solution for those looking to grow mushrooms at home. Whether for your child’s school project, your new kitchen hobby or just as a great gift, growing is an enjoyable pastime!
Nurturing fungi and seeing them grow and then creating delicious recipes for all of your family. There’s nothing that compares to growing your own dinner.
Included below is everything you need to know, consider and think about before buying your own.

Why Buy One?



1. Reconnecting With What You Eat as our lives become increasingly busy it’s far too easy to lose the connection between what we eat and where that food has come from. There is a profound sense of enjoyment that comes from nurturing, watching and experiencing this process.
2. Perfect Gift give to a friend or loved one this isn’t a present they will open, smile and forget. They will enjoy the process of “seed to feed”, for months to come!
3. Educational Toy ideal for children and young adults. Let them learn the process of growing mushrooms, during which they will discover the fun science behind growing.
4. Save Money a high quality kits will flush frequently, potentially for months into the future. Producing kilograms of mushrooms and in turn saving you money. Especially if your preference is for the more expensive varieties.


5 Health Benefits Of Eating Fungi



Often thrown around loosely are terms like “superfood” or “miracle cures” however with mushrooms scientific research may prove that they’re just that…
1. Make You Live Longer fungi contain tonnes of antioxidants which are reported to promote anti-aging and the natural healing process in our bodies (source)
2. Improve Digestion reportedly improving the health of “good bacteria” within the gut
3. Fight Cancer containing bioactivities which are proven to be anti-cancer causing (source)
4. Reduce Inflammation reported to help reduce the symptoms associated with inflammation too (source)
5. Cardiovascular Disease certain species are reported to treat cardiovascular disease risk factors (source)

Common Varieties Of Fungi Found In Kits



Shiitake Mushrooms: Originating from East Asia this is a popular variant in traditional herbal medicine. Often smaller in size and meatier in texture they appear frequently in vegetarian recipes. A lot of people refer to this as the best tasting mushroom.
Oyster Mushrooms: To be eaten raw or cooked this mushroom is commonly bought from both supermarkets and farmers markets. Slightly chewy in texture they often accompany meat dishes or as a meat substitute.
Lion’s Mane Mushroom: Found all over the world this beautiful mushroom is best to be eaten on its own. Saute in a pan and serve fresh, no complex recipes needed, often noted to resemble the taste of seafood - this sure is a unique fungi.
Reishi Mushrooms: A beautiful flat kidney shaped mushroom it’s bitter and tough in texture. Due to its herbal healing properties it’s often consumed as tea in specific dosed amounts. This mushroom is one to watch out for due to its potentially toxic effects. Consult a health professional before taking.
Portobello Mushrooms: Possibly the most eaten mushroom in the western world, to which this mushroom is native. Thick, dense and meaty they were marketed as a great alternative to meat in the 1980’s. They can be eaten alone or accompany almost any dish.

Optimal Environment



Each mushroom requires a specific environment to grow best in depending on the variety of mushroom. The main factors outlined below will need to be considered before growing. Most kits are pre-made and only contain varieties that can be grown indoors or in almost any environment. Meaning that 80% of the kits grow just a few species of mushroom.
Factors to consider...
Environment mushrooms favour dark and dank conditions, such as damp woodland in autumn. When growing at home to replicate this condition it could be advised to place the mushroom kit under the sink or in your basement.
Temperature too cold and they won’t grow too hot and you risk killing them. When picking the ideal spot inside your home look for a consistent temperature of between 55-80F, above 80F you may kill them, below 50F they may not grow at all. Also make sure to avoid direct drafts from A/C units or heaters, this change will affect the yield of mushrooms.
Soil PH it’s key you keep the ph steady between 6.5 - 7.5 for optimal growth. Too high or low you will promote other spawn and mould growth which will affect your mushroom yield.

Which Vessel To Grow In?



Inoculated Log
Most commonly grown on logs are shiitake mushrooms although many other species will grow too. Best suited to being left alone outside they’re low maintenance and easy to produce. Normally coming pre inoculated with wax on the outside to protect the mycelium. You will need to find a suitable outdoor environment to start to see growth.
Sawdust / Hay Block
The easiest of environments to maintain and grow in. Often Oyster Mushroom kits are grown in sawdust blocks. A straw growing kit must have the straw pressure sterilised but after that they normally just require misting twice per day until fully grown. Easy to maintain and less mess too - perfect for indoor growing.

Indoor Vs Outdoor Growing



Indoor growing is the most popular choice for beginners. The main advantages is that the indoor mushroom growing kits provide is that they generally require less work and maintenance. When you’re new to growing it’s very encouraging and exciting to see rapid growth!
Growing outside, in your garden or yard, tends to favour more experienced or adventurous growers. They can be seasonal in nature and may take a few seasons before they start to spawn. If you’re looking to experiment and have time on your hands this could be a fun project.

Magic Mushroom Growing Kits



Magic mushrooms are illegal in almost every country, due to their psychedelic properties. Growing psychedelic mushrooms or being in possession of magic mushrooms is also strictly illegal.
Surprisingly there are magic kits available to purchase online in the USA. This is because the spores and mycelium of psychedelic mushrooms is not illegal, according to an article published by The Third Wave.




Ease Of Growing:  The most important... Is this a kit that you just spray water on a couple of times a day to see growth? Or are the mushrooms you’re trying to grow more complicated: they may require specific soil nutrients, PH levels and atmospheric environment.
When looking for a kit make sure that you check the growing instructions to ensure they meet your requirements. The last thing you want to be doing, after a long day at work, is to stress about the humidity levels of the room your are growing in.
Multiple Flushes: Most kits should have multiple flushes, producing mushrooms regularly possibly as much as every 2 weeks. With some species being able to produce flushes for years into the future.
We would advise to check reviews of the product you’re considering to buy as well as the company’s guide to see if this is possible.
Be careful to check when buying, especially the more expensive kits!
Type Of Mushroom Grown: Each mushroom has a distinct taste and texture making them all unique to consume. Are you looking to cook shiitake mushrooms for a risotto, or lion’s mane for herbal tea? 
Consider what you want the fungi for before you buy your kit, to ensure you’re not disappointed.
How Long To Grow: Depending on the type of mushroom some kits can start to produce within days whilst others may own fruit once per year. Check the company’s product description and also verified customer reviews.


Top 10 Mushroom Growing Kits Of 2019

Most kits specifically grow the oyster mushroom variety. This is due them being very resilient and one of the easiest to grow. Below we aim to bring you a range of prices and varieties of mushrooms, to ensure you get the ideal kit for you. Below we provide information on mushroom growing kits that you buy from Amazon.

1. Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit by Back To The Roots (Check The Latest Price On Amazon) 
Price: $18.67
Work Required: Minimal
Type Of Mushroom Grown: Oyster Mushrooms
Without a doubt the most popular one on amazon. It is touted to be the simplest all-in-one solution for growing mushrooms at home.
Coming in 2 variants this is ideal for a kid’s science project or a home enthusiast. It works by undoing the front of the package and watering. Within a few days the mushrooms should fruit out the front of the package.
What We liked:
Ease of use, only needing to spray water twice per day to start to see mushrooms grow
Grows all year round, not as dependent on environmental factors
What We disliked:
Only 2 options for types of mushrooms, limited range of what can be grown
A lot of reports of nothing growing, some reviews tout this to be amazing others report nothing growing
2. Pink Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit by Forest Origins (Check The Latest Price On Amazon) 
Price: $22.99
Work Required: Minimal
Type Of Mushroom Grown: Pink Oyster Mushrooms
This is a more of exotic type. Fast to grow and delicious to eat this a recommended kit for green fingers and culinary enthusiasts alike.
By cutting the top of the plastic wrapping and watering the mushrooms they will spawn out of the top.
What We Liked:
Multiple large flushes the instructions guide you through the process on how to grow and then get multiple flushes
Fast Growing, 7 day yields -  ideal for your kid’s science project or hungry chef’s
What We Disliked:
Low Humidity Affecting Growth, there’s been reports in particular dry environments the mushrooms may struggle to grow
3. Large Oyster Mushroom Kit by Root Mushroom Farm (Check The Latest Price On Amazon)
Price: $15.99
Work Required: Minimal
Type Of Mushroom Grown: White Oyster Mushrooms
Shaped like a flower pot this kit is the most aesthetically pleasing to look at.
The gift box brings an all in one solution to growing mushrooms, and promises to grow up to 2 lbs of mushrooms.
What We Liked:
Spray Bottle and Humidity Tester Included, inside the box contains all of the necessary tools to get started growing your mushrooms
Very Fast Growing, they will appear fast and then will bring multiple flushes
What We Disliked:
Not Many Variant Options only 3 types of mushrooms available currently to grow
4. Shiitake Mushroom Growing Kit by Root Mushroom Farm (Check The Latest Price On Amazon)


Price: $22.99
Work Required: Medium
Type Of Mushroom Grown: Shiitake Mushrooms
Ideal for the more hands on grower. It’s likely you’ll need to find an outside spot to get the best yields.
A full yield of shiitake mushrooms is well worth the wait, delicious to eat and should give you many flushes too.
What We liked:
Detailed Instructions comprehensive guide detailing how to get the best yield of mushrooms
Multiple Flushes Of Mushrooms producing at a rate of 10 day-intervals for up to 16 weeks
What We disliked:
More Work than other kits however they have a guide to how you can get the best out of your kit
5. Lion's Mane Mushroom Kit by The Detroit Mushroom Company (Check The Latest Price On Amazon)

Price: $24.94
Work Required: Minimal
Type Of Mushroom Grown: Lions Mane
One of the most interesting to look at mushrooms it’s understandable where Lion’s Mane gets its name!
The kit promises to produce 3-4lbs of mushrooms over a 2 month period. Making them a fun variety to grow.
What We Liked:
Mushroom Variety one of the few sellers on amazon to offer the Lion’s Mane variety
Ease of growing, set up is very quick, under a few minutes and then all they require is light misting to see the best results
What We Disliked:
Hard to tell what you’ve ordered on amazon the listing doesn’t specifically show you the right pictures meaning what will arrive is a bit of a guess
6. Reishi Mushroom Kit by Gallaway Mushroom Boys (Check The Latest Price On Amazon)
Price: $24.95 + $8.70 Shipping
Work Required: Minimal
Type Of Mushroom Grown: Reishi
Less common to see on amazon, the Reishi Mushroom has been used in eastern medicine for hundreds of years. Said to be known for its immune system boosting benefits.
It has a strong flavour and can be drank as a herbal tea. This is an easy to grow kit.
What We Liked:
Different type of mushroom: a more exotic breed of mushroom delicious in its own way
Fast Growing this kit should be producing mushrooms within 7 days of starting
What We Disliked:
More Difficult To Produce Long Term Source the need for splitting a log and using wedges to create the ideal environment
7. Oyster Mushroom Growing Farm by Daves Mushroom Farm (Check The Latest Price On Amazon)
Type Of Mushroom Growing Kit: Oyster Mushrooms
Price: $16.99
Work Required: Minimal

These no frills organic mushroom grow kits are ideal for an entry level hobbyist who doesn’t want to make the time nor monetary investment into fancier mushroom growing kits. Making this the perfect gift for kids.
What We Liked:
Price the cheapest that we have seen, this kit contains the basic necessities and no more
100% Organic knowing that the quality of food is high and what you’re growing is healthy
What We Disliked:
Hit or Miss after researching other peoples results it seems sometimes it will either produce a lot or produce nothing
8. Blue Oyster Growing Kit By GMHP Gourmet Mushroom Products (Check The Latest Price On Amazon)

Price: $19.75
Work Required: Minimal
Type Of Mushroom Grown: Blue Oyster Mushrooms
Producing the blue oyster variety of mushroom they are sure to impress your friends when cooking them.
Also great for kids growing as they grow so fast, sometimes doubling in size daily!
What We liked:
Produce A Crop In 7 Days fast from the start this kit will be producing mushrooms quickly.
What We Disliked:
Not Blue many reports of only white oyster mushrooms sprouting and sometimes none sprouting at all!
9. Morel Mushroom Growing Kit by GMHP Gourmet Mushroom Products (Check The Latest Price On Amazon)
Price: $36.95
Work Required: Medium
Type Of Mushroom Grown: Morel Mushrooms
This morel mushroom grow kit is specifically for outdoor planting and growing. Ideal for your yard you will need workable soil.
These mushrooms should fruit every spring for years potentially producing lbs of mushrooms. Reported on their website they claim the longest growing morel mushrooms have produced yields for over 25 years.
Unfortunately you can not buy an indoor morel mushroom grow kit due to it being very hard to recreate the growing environment commercially.
What We liked:
Long-Term these morel mushrooms will produce you mushrooms for years into the future making them real value for money if you’re willing to put in the work
What We disliked:
Long Time To Produce the perennial mushroom may take up to 2 seasons to yield mushrooms so if you’re looking for a quick growth kit, this isn’t for you
And there we have it…
Your complete guide to everything imaginable regarding mushroom growing kits. Now it’s time to get your fingers green and grow some yourself!


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