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Tomato Cage Construction


Grow Your Pantry Tomato Cages

Our flagship tomato, vegetable and fruit growing cage is ideal for the home grower. Below are instructions to help you set up and start using this kit!


What’s Contained Inside?

12 X Plant Clips
1 X Twist Tie
5 X Plant Tags
3 Cages (27 Lengths Of Tube, 18 Tube Connectors, 27 Hooked Clips)


To Construct One Cage:

Start by placing the 3 spiked lengths of tube into ground in a triangular formation roughly 30cm apart



Now attach 3 tube connectors into the top of the tubes, to create a second layer
Push 3 more tubes, into the connectors on top


Place 3 more tube connectors into the top of the tubes. Then complete by placing 3 tubes into the connectors to create the 3rd layer


To keep the cages strong and in a triangle shape, take the hooked clips and connect 2 tubes together (at this point you may have to move the stakes around to get the hooks in place)


Place 2 more hooked clips at the same height level to create the first level to create the 2nd layer repeat the process again


Now you have erected one tomato cage correctly!

      How To Use The Twist Ties


      Twist ties are used for securing the tomato plants to the cage, so as they grow they will be secure and not put too much pressure on one part of the cage
      • Identify the part of the plant that needs tying off 
      • Pull a length of the tie out and pull it down in the blade to slice
      • Tie the stalk of the plant to the outer edge of the cage and then twist together to tie



          How To Use The Plant Tags


          We often use it to help identify the type of tomato or other plant and also the date that we sewed it in
          • Write the type of plant and date sewed in using a permanent marker
          • Tie to the cage using a twist tie or garden string

            1 comment

            • I purchased one of your Tomato cages. The instructions only show the tri-cage. Can you post the instructions on how to assemble the stands that look like TeePees and Tents shown on the Amazon website? I am planting zucchini and squash and would like to assemble the tent or the trellis design you show on your box.

              - CYNTHIA OGDEN

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