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Mung Bean Sprouts Smell | Your Guide To Good Smelling Sprouts

Mung Bean Sprouting Smell: By Grow Your Pantry


Mung bean sprout smelling is a frustratingly common problem for sprouting enthusiasts. The smell has been likened to sulphur, rotten food and even death. Normally it can be a quick fix in the process and you’ll be back sprouting again quickly. We’ll delve into why mung bean sprouts can smell, what to do if they do, and how to prevent smelly sprouts in the future.


What Are Mung Bean Sprouts?

Mung bean sprouts are the most common type of sprout. You get mung bean sprouts by soaking your mung beans in water, and regularly rinsing them until they begin to sprout and grow. The complete process only takes a few days, leaving you with tasty snacks or meal ingredients. They’re characterized by their off-white color and snap or crunch when you bite into them.
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What Do Mung Bean Sprouts Smell Like?

What They Should Smell Like - Mung bean sprouts don’t have much of a smell if kept clean, washed regularly and allowed to dry. The smell should be similar to all salad, slight, indistinct and can only be described as earthy if anything. 
What They Shouldn’t Smell Like - Mung bean sprouts should not smell like sulphur, rotting food, ‘death’, urine, or anything nefarious. If they do we would suggest throwing it away and starting again. This is only likely to happen if you’ve forgotten about your sprouts and they’ve been left to sit for too long.


Do Mung Beans Smell Like Death?

This comes from a theory that if you eat too many mung beans they can make you smell. Anecdotally there have been many reports of bad smells emitted from people who eat vast quantities of mung beans. Although there isn’t any research of conclusive evidence.


Why Do My Mung Bean Sprouts Smell Bad?

There are a few key reasons as to why mung beans smell bad, the most common reason is dampness, allowed to sit for an extended period of time, allowing for bacteria and mold growth. Good airflow and thorough rinsing will prevent bad smells in almost all cases. Below are the 3 most common ways dampness can form when sprouting beans.
Soaked For Too Long - Typically it’s recommended you soak your mung beans for between 6-12 hours when first begin. If you forget them, leave them for too long or use warm water it’s likely they will start to rot, commonly foam may form on the surface too. If they’re smelling and started to rot, we would recommend disposing of them before thoroughly cleaning your equipment.
Haven’t Cleaned Water Out - Once you’ve started the sprouting process it’s necessary that you rinse the sprouts a minimum of twice per day - before leaving to dry. If you don’t rinse them regularly then they can start to breakdown resulting in them smelling.
Not Good Airflow - It’s essential that after you’ve rinsed your mung beans that they can drip dry, without water being trapped. If the beans sit in water it’s likely that they will begin rotting. We would advise that you use a lid that allows water to drain, and to also use a stand or tilt your jar into a bowl. This will allow the water to drip out freely.


How To Sprout Mung Beans Without A Bad Smell

Good Quality Lid - Having a lid that allows for all water to drain out of the jar the sprouts are in is essential. Be careful to also check the size of the mesh grate, as if too small it will allow smaller beans to fall through into your drainage bowl.
Clean Beans Multiple Times Per Day - Make sure you have fresh water to clean your sprouts twice a day. Make sure you cover all of the beans with water and rinse thoroughly each time. This will make the mung beans fresh and clean, promoting scent free, mold free growth.
Good Airflow - Without good airflow, moisture pockets can form resulting in mold growth. Therefore it’s essential to use a jar cover that is mesh or has holes to allow the circulation of air. If you’re dripping the sprouting beans on to a bowl make sure the jar is at an appropriate angle and not perpendicular to the bowl ensuring maximum airflow.
Not Too Hot Environment - If your sprouting vessel is located in direct sunlight, in a hot area of the house, or next to hot surfaces it can promote mold growth, and start rotting your beans - resulting in an unpleasant smell. Always make sure that you always store your beans in a dark area with good ambient airflow.


Common Questions

Do Mung Beans Smell Like Urine?
Most mung beans do not smell like urine. Fresh mung beans tend to not have a very strong scent, if they do it would be characterized as earthy 



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