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Where To Buy Kombucha? Every Store Detailed

Kombucha is more than just a healthy source of live probiotics; the drink is also rich in antioxidants and energy-boosting caffeine that gets infused to the final brew after the tea leaves steeping process. 
However, home-brewed kombucha takes on average 7 to 14 days to fully ferment. This time constraint can only be bypassed by buying bottled kombucha. So, which kombucha brand or type should you go for? Where should you buy it? To answer these questions, we first have to look into some considerations before purchasing kombucha.
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Considerations Before Buying Kombucha



Raw vs. Pasteurized 

There are two primary kombucha varieties: pasteurized and raw/unpasteurized kombucha. The difference being that raw/unpasteurized kombucha has not undergone any heat treatment. 
As a result, unpasteurized kombucha still contains natural amounts of probiotics. The bacteria and yeast culture in raw kombucha are still alive, and this can pose some problems, especially to anyone with weakened immune systems such as pregnant women, immunosuppressant patients as well as AIDS patients. On the other hand, this natural culture is what makes kombucha beneficial to the digestive system as it helps in restoring the natural balance in the gut bio.
Pasteurized kombucha refers to any kombucha brew which has undergone heat treatment before bottling for preservation purposes. While most companies that pasteurize their kombucha also do add probiotics afterward, the brew is never the same as raw kombucha. This is because it lacks the natural balance of bacteria and yeast culture, and as a result, it offers no probiotic benefits at all.  


While kombucha only relies on sugar and tea leaves as the primary ingredients during the first ferment, it's still possible to infuse the drink with secondary flavors. 
This takes place during the second ferment whereby a flavoring ingredient gets infused with the unpasteurized kombucha in an anaerobic fermentation process that generally takes 3 to 5 days. While this process usually results in additional sugar content in the final brew, it also makes the drink more effervescent.
Most kombucha bottling firms offer a wide range of flavors and kombucha blends. Make sure you pick the flavors that you are most comfortable with, alternatively you can blend the flavored kombucha to come up with unique combinations with unique taste notes.


Kombucha prices range from affordable to absurd depending on the type of flavor and primary ingredients used as well as other marketing gimmicks. It's therefore essential to note that when it comes to raw kombucha, most expensive doesn't necessarily translate to the best quality. Instead, go through customer reviews and determine the best price point for the type of brew you want.

Sugar Content

While kombucha does require sugar as a primary ingredient, the majority of the sugar content does get broken down by the yeast culture during fermentation to form alcohol and carbon dioxide. However, during the second ferment, more sugar gets added to increase the carbon dioxide content, which makes the drink fizzier. 
If you are planning on cutting down your sugar intake, then it's recommendable to avoid flavored kombucha varieties and to instead go for unpasteurized brands with less than 5g of sugar per serving.

Alcohol Content

Kombucha gets its alcohol content from the breakdown of sugar by the yeast culture; this results in around 0.5 to 1.5% alcohol content in raw/unpasteurized kombucha. Typically, the alcohol produced by the yeast culture is usually much higher. Still, most of it gets broken down to acetic acid by the alcohol fixing bacteria culture in the brew. 
After bottling, the alcohol content may increase substantially by up to 1% extra with hard kombucha having a much higher alcohol content of around 5%.

Caffeine Content

Kombucha that's been prepared using Camellia Sinensis tea leaves contains caffeine content of up to 15 mg per 16 oz serving. The caffeine molecules get infused into the freshly brewed tea during the steeping process. 
During the fermentation stage, the culture feeds on most of the caffeine leaving around 20% of the original content. While caffeine has its benefits when it comes to staying alert and increasing metabolism, it can have adverse effects, especially on caffeine-sensitive people and children, leading to insomnia. 
You can always opt for kombucha that's been brewed using decaffeinated tea leaves or with other caffeine-free alternatives such as rooibos tea.

Probiotic Content

Various brands contain varying amounts of probiotic content, depending on the brewing and bottling process. 
The best option is to always stick to natural amounts of probiotic content, so avoid brands that contain enriched and added probiotic content. These are almost always pasteurized kombucha brews that don't offer any actual probiotic benefits as the added cultures can never be in symbiotic balance.

Top 10 USA Kombucha Brands and Where To Buy



Where To Buy
Brew Dr. Kombucha
Ginger, turmeric, strawberry, and cayenne 
Target stores
Local retail and grocery stores
Health-Ade Kombucha
Strawberry lemonade, passion fruit tangerine, grapefruit, cherry berry and peach mango 
7 Eleven
Local grocery stores
Ralphs Stores
Gt’s Trilogy Kombucha
Lemon, raspberry, ginger, turmeric and mango
Fresh Direct
CVs Pharmacy
Whole Foods Market
Humm Kombucha
Mint, pomegranate, apple sass, coconut lime and lemon ginger
Ralphs Stores
Whole Foods Market
Kevita Master Brew Kombucha
Blackberry hops, dragonfruit, lemongrass, blueberry, French Oak apple, ginger, grapefruit, lavender melon, pineapple peach and raspberry lemon
7 Eleven 
Smart & Final Extra
Wild Tonic Kombucha
Raspberry goji, blueberry basil, mango ginger and tropical turmeric
Sprouts Farmers Market
Wonder Drink
Cherry, black currant, Asian pear, ginger 
Their Website
Flying Embers Kombucha
Ginger and oak, lemon orchard and ancient berry
Sprouts Farmers Market
Dr. Hops Kombucha
Lemon, mint, and ginger
Bevmo1 Stores
Whole Foods Market
Their Website
Blue Ridge Kombucha
Raspberry, jasmine grape, blueberries, ginger, and elderflower
Whole Foods Market
Waynesboro Taproom
Groundworks farm
Their Website

Types Of Kombucha and Where To Buy




Ontario Natural Food Co-op Kombucha
Black Tea
$4.14 per 14 oz bottle
Kombucha Wonder Drink
$1.88 per 8.4 oz can
Bucha Live Organic Kombucha
$2.8 per 8 oz can
Whalebird Kombucha
$5.62 per 16 oz can


Best Tasting

Why They Are Chosen
Suja Organic Cold-Pressed Juice
Lemon Love
The lemon flavor blends naturally with the tartness of raw kombucha for the ultimate taste.
$4.99 per 16 oz
Remedy Raw Organic Kombucha
Ginger Lemon
The ginger and lemon flavors give the drink a punchy taste.
$4 20 oz Bottle
KeVita, Kombucha Masterbrew Blueberry
Blueberry Basil
Blueberry cancels most of the tartness in the raw kombucha, while the basil greatly improves the aroma.
$4 per 15.2 oz bottle
Wonder Drink Variety Pack
Variety Pack
This batch includes individual flavors such as lemon, Asian pear, and ginger.
$1.88 per  8.4 oz can


Raw Kombucha

Why They Are Chosen
GT'S Organic Kombucha
GT’s offers raw and 100% organic kombucha with its natural probiotic balance.
$7.7 per 16 oz bottle
Remedy Raw Organic Kombucha
Remedy relies on raw organic sugar as the starter ingredient to make this brew. 
$4 per 20 oz bottle
B-tea Raw Organic Kombucha
Green Tea
B-Tea blends its in-house green tea from natural chemical-free teas.
$4.07 per 8 oz bottle
Captain Kombucha Tea
Meet Captain kombucha’s unpasteurized, raw, and vegan brew that also does not contain any artificial colors or flavors.
$3.35 per 13.5 oz bottle


Small Batch Kombucha

Why They Are Chosen
Better Booch
Golden Pear, Citrus, and Ginger
Better Booch relies on 5 gallon small-batch brews allowing them to monitor the quality of each brew to maintain the highest quality standards.
$4 per 16 oz can
Wonder Drink
Pear and Ginger
In line with maintaining consistent results in every single bottle, Wonder Drink relies on small-batch brewing.
$2.2 per 8.4 oz can 
KÖE Kombucha
Strawberry Lemonade
KÖE Kombucha brews its raw kombucha in small batches and the second ferment also relies on small batches to infuse various flavors into individual drinks.
$2.9 per 12 oz can
Health-Ade Kombucha
Health-Ade Kombucha is brewed in 5 gallon small batches which makes it much easier to monitor the quality and flavor of the drink as it ferments.
$4 per 16 oz bottle

Commercial Brands

Why They Are Chosen
GT’s Trilogy Kombucha
For over 20 years, GT’s has been brewing quality and consistent kombucha making it the most renowned commercial kombucha brewing company.
$14.7 per 48 oz bottle
Kevita Tart Cherry Kombucha
Tart Cherries
The Kevita brand believes in celebration of creativity and have been doing just that since 2009 with a line up of 12 commercial products.
$9 per 15.6 oz bottle
Humm Kombucha
Humm is more than just a commercial brewery, it's a kombucha paradise; the firm believes in the culture of inclusion and the need to operate as one big family where every employee’s opinions count.
$5.99 per 14 oz bottle
Brew Dr. Kombucha Ginger Turmeric Kombucha
Ginger Turmeric
Brew Dr. started in 2006 as a tea company before quickly growing into a commercial brewery to provide natural, high-quality kombucha to the masses.
$4.99 per 12 oz can

Where To Buy Kombucha In Bulk




Costco offers more than just single bottle kombucha; the stores do also stock up on cases of kombucha. This makes it much easier to purchase kombucha in bulk, but you will have to check in with the nearest branch to see if they are currently stocking up on kombucha and the specific varieties that are in stock.

Kombucha On Tap

Most kombucha on tap establishments will always have bulk kombucha either in cases or kombucha kegs. These vary in size and style, so you will have to look around to identify the best fit for your specific needs.


Walmart does stock up on just about any other kombucha brand. The chain stores also occasionally offer kombucha in bulk, either in cases or custom keg containers.

5 Common Place Where You Will Find Kombucha To Buy




Amazon has the most extensive collection of brands on sale. These range in terms of flavors, volume, and price. A quick search on the site reveals hundreds of kombucha products on sale, and the prices offered are often much more affordable compared to physical stores. You can also buy in bulk, and the kombucha will be shipped in no time. However, you will have to be careful with international brands, which might not be subject to the stringent FDA guidelines that local brewers have to abide by.

Local Cafes

With the increased popularity, it's now common to find raw and flavored kombucha in most cafes. Some of these cafes even offer kombucha on tap, allowing them to buy the brew in bulk kegs and sell small servings on the go. Other cafes have adopted the homebrewing culture whereby they will brew the kombucha inhouse and add the most on-demand flavors.

Direct From The Site

Most kombucha brewing companies operate their websites with online stores. This makes it much easier to obtain just the right kind of drink as per your needs. While these online stores might take a bit longer to ship compared to Amazon, they do offer bulk purchases. Also, be on the lookout for promotions, which are more common on individual brewer sites.

Grocery Stores

Bottled kombucha can be found in most grocery stores, especially chain stores that are focused on healthy living. This eliminates having to wait for an online purchase to get shipped. Alternatively, you can ask your favorite grocery store to start stocking up on kombucha.


Most restaurants stock up on bottled kombucha with a few offering in-house brewed kombucha. This makes it much easier to enjoy your favorite brew without the hassle of having to find a store or buying online. Restaurants also generally serve single servings, which are much cheaper than having to buy an entire bottle of kombucha.




Which kombucha is the best to buy?
Raw, unflavored kombucha is the best kombucha variety to buy due to its natural probiotic balance and low sugar content.
Can you buy kombucha online?
Yes, most online stores such as Amazon and individual brewer sites do offer online kombucha sales, which will be delivered right to your door without having to leave the house.
Can you buy kombucha if you're under 21?
No, most brands are non-alcoholic, but you will require to be over 21 years to purchase and consume hard kombucha.
How much kombucha should I drink daily?
FDA recommends limiting your kombucha intake to 4 oz per serving three times a day for a total of 12 oz daily.
Can kombucha kill you?
Kombucha is prone to toxicity and contamination if not brewed under the right conditions, and this can lead to fatal cases of poisoning and infection.




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