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Kombucha Cleanse: Your Home Detox Guide

Raw kombucha contains antioxidants and billions of live probiotics, which play a crucial role in cleansing the body. This article will delve deeper into how the specific constituents of kombucha aid in removing toxins from the body and why you should undertake a kombucha cleanse.
Disclaimer: this article is only meant to be informative and should not replace professional medical opinion. If you are experiencing any negative reaction after drinking kombucha you should seek medical attention immediately.

What is a Kombucha Cleanse?

A kombucha cleanse is a short-term dietary intervention that’s designed to eliminate toxins from the body by consuming raw kombucha on a regular basis. The expected results will determine the time limits of the cleansing period. It can be incorporated with other changes such as following a strict fruit and vegetable diet, fasting, or even additional herbal supplements.
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Where Can I Buy Kombucha

To get started making kombucha, we recommend our range of kombucha starter kits. Our kits are packed with all the ingredients you need to make your own kombucha from home. 


What Are Toxins?

Toxins are poisonous substances that are produced by living cells. While the body does remove the toxins continuously, some may remain trapped within the cells where they can react with the cell’s DNA causing DNA mutation to occur, this leads to the growth of cancer. For more on toxins check out this article.


Are Toxins Even Real?

Some people do believe that the body doesn't produce toxins based on the fact that the body cannot intentionally harm itself. However it's important to remember garbage in, garbage out. If you consume unhealthy food then chances are that the body cells will produce more toxins.


Why Would You Do A Kombucha Cleanse?

In order to get an accurate picture of the benefits of doing a kombucha cleanse, we will have to look into its specific health benefits backed by scientific studies.


Reported Kombucha Health Benefits

1.  Contains Antioxidants
Raw kombucha that’s prepared using antioxidant-rich tea lea varieties such as green tea gets infused with the antioxidants. These are substances that inhibit the oxidation of healthy cells by reacting with the free radicals before they can harm the body. The increased uptake of antioxidants from kombucha can, therefore, play a significant role in preventing heart disease, cancer, and diseases, which are caused by exposing healthy cells to harmful free radicals.
2.  Kombucha has Antibacterial Properties
Raw kombucha contains acetic acid, which is able to decimate many potentially harmful bacteria and fungi cultures. The acetic acid is a byproduct of the fermentation process whereby the yeast culture breaks down the dissolved sugar into alcohol, which is further broken down by the bacteria culture into carbon dioxide and acetic acid.  
Raw kombucha also contains polyphenols, which are naturally occurring compounds in tea leaves with strong antimicrobial properties. These are particularly effective against candida yeast species.
3.  Potential Source of Probiotics
Probiotics are live yeasts and bacteria cells, which are considered to be “good” bacteria as they help in restoring balance in the gut bio. Raw kombucha contains billions of these live probiotics. When they are introduced into the gut system, they will suppress the growth of harmful bacteria and introduce lactic acid bacteria which eradicate disease-causing cultures. The restored symbiotic balance in the gut bio also improves other aspects of digestion to reduce cases of inflammation and stomach upsets.


Considerations Before Doing a Kombucha Cleanse

1.  Kombucha isn’t a Miracle Fix for Everything
Just like any other detox drink, kombucha can be at times embellished with all sorts of promises to cure everything. This couldn’t be further from the truth, while research on the benefits of drinking kombucha is still ongoing, only a few of the claimed potential benefits have been confirmed. Therefore, before undertaking a kombucha cleanse, make sure that it can actually offer the specific benefits you are looking for.
2.  The Live Probiotics Vs. Pasteurization Conundrum
Raw kombucha contains billions of live probiotics, which are considered to be beneficial. However, the very same probiotics can be a source of opportunistic bacteria and yeasts, which might invade a weak immune system leading to infections. These compromised immune systems are mostly in the form of patients who are under immunosuppressant medication, pregnant women, and HIV patients.
While the risk of bacterial infection can be eliminated by pasteurizing kombucha, the heat treatment process effectively kills all cultures in the drink, including the live probiotics. This eliminates the benefit of drinking raw kombucha.


Medical Disclaimer

This article should not be misconstrued to offer medical advice. We are not a source of medical advice, and you should consult your doctor before undertaking a kombucha cleanse. If you are experiencing any adverse reactions after consuming raw kombucha, you should seek immediate medical attention.


Kombucha Cleanse Guide

In order to get the best results, you will have to come up with a schedule for kombucha cleansing. This will take into account the required ingredients, time to consume, and the amounts to consume.
  •         Raw kombucha
  •         Natural flavoring ingredient (optional)


How-to Guide
1.  Source for a Regular Raw Kombucha Supply
To avoid inconsistent supply of the required raw kombucha it's recommended to decide on a regular source before getting into the detox period. You can either buy raw bottled kombucha from local grocery stores or online. Alternatively, you can set up a continuous brew system that will ferment the required amounts of kombucha regularly. Ensure that proper brewing practices are followed, and all kombucha should be stored away from direct sunlight to avoid UV rays harm.
2.  Come Up with a Schedule
Having a clearly defined detox schedule allows your body to get used to kombucha intake much faster while also making it hard to miss or overdo the cleansing routine. It's recommended to schedule a kombucha cleanse as part of a post-workout diet. This reduces the effects of the dissolved carbon dioxide on the stomach as you don’t have to move around too much after drinking it. Also, kombucha has been shown to aid in body repair when consumed after working out. Opt for morning hours as kombucha contains caffeine, which can cause insomnia if consumed during the late hours of the evening.
3.  Quantities to Consume
The FDA recommends limiting your kombucha consumption to 4 oz per day. Within this limit, the brew cannot have any adverse effect on your body. If you are finding the brew to be too tart to consume raw, you can add a flavoring ingredient, preferably one with low sugar such as freshly pressed lemon juice, ginger or lime. The process of infusing these secondary flavoring ingredients will require a second ferment setup which we discussed here (internal link to second ferment article)


Kombucha Cleanse Results VLOG 


Health-Ade Cayenne Cleanse Kombucha

Health-Ade is offering a different approach to bottled kombucha with their cayenne cleanse. The spicy drink has the classic gut-healthy probiotic combo with an invigorating cayenne, lime, and ginger flavor. Cayenne has been shown to boost metabolism, which aids in weight loss and removal of toxins from the body.
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Liver Detox With Kombucha

Raw kombucha contains glucuronic acid, which is a form of sugar that easily binds with toxins in the body, making it much easier for the liver and kidneys to remove the toxins. Regular uptake of glucuronic acid has been shown to reduce liver toxicity, making it possible for the liver to regenerate any parts of it that might have been damaged by such toxins over time.


Kombucha Detox Symptoms

1.  Bloating
Raw kombucha contains a lot of dissolved carbon dioxide gas. After consumption, this gas accumulates in the digestive system, causing bloating. This side effect should go away on its own. Alternatively, you can reduce the amount of kombucha consumed per day to reduce the amount of gas accumulated.
2.  Triggering IBS
Kombucha contains compounds that can trigger irritable bowel syndrome when consumed. If you have had IBS complications in the past, its recommended to consult your doctor before undertaking a kombucha cleanse to avoid a recurrence of digestive distress.
3.  Diarrhea
The changes in the gut bio that get introduced by the billions of probiotics in kombucha can, at times, lead to diarrhea. Just remember to drink lots of water if you are undertaking a kombucha cleanse to replenish any bodily fluids that might be lost.


Other Ways to Detox

1.  Light Green Foods and Herbs
Foods such as cucumbers, lettuce, cilantro, parsley, avocado, and celery are packed with fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins, which play a significant role in detoxification. They also have anti-inflammatory, hydrating, and liver-supporting functions, which go a long way into ensuring the success of the cleanse.
2.  Epsom Salt Bath
Magnesium-rich bath salts supercharge your soak time, helping in releasing tension and stress within the body. After all, being mentally and physically relaxed allows the body to perform optimally, including the detoxification functions.
3.  Citrus Water
Citrus fruits are packed with antioxidants and essential vitamins, which play a significant role in detoxification. Adding lemon or lie to warm water can serve as a wellness drink, preferably in the morning or pre-workout. Lemons are especially rich in vitamin C, which supports healthy liver function.

Common Questions

How Often Should You Drink Kombucha?
You can drink kombucha on a daily basis as long as you stick to the FDA recommended limit of 4 oz per day.
Can You Drink Kombucha On A Cleanse?
Yes, kombucha can be paired with other cleansing plans for the ultimate detox results.



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