Kombucha For Hangovers: A Complete Guide

Kombucha tea has been famed for its contents and purported benefits of drinking. One more recent discovery was anecdotal reports of kombucha aiding for hangovers. On the contrary, some people were even asking us if kombucha can give you a hangover!
Therefore there are two primary questions we to answer: Can Kombucha Cure A Hangover? Can Kombucha Give You A Hangover?
We'll delve into the possible scientific reasons that kombucha could help for hangovers, breaking down the individual ingredients and their impact on hangovers. Then review the claims that kombucha could give you a hangover by reviewing from this perspective too.

What Is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a slightly fizzy, sweet, and tart flavored fermented tea. It is thought to have originated over 2000 years ago in China, traveling throughout the world since it has now become a trendy health drink that is stocked in many stores all over the world. Kombucha can also be brewed at home; you're able to make it with just a few ingredients (sugar, tea, SCOBY, and water).

What Is A Hangover?

"A hangover is the experience of various unpleasant physiological and psychological effects following the consumption of alcohol, such as winebeer, and distilled spirits." - Source: Wikipedia. 

 Why Do We Get Hangovers?

The most common reason we get hangovers is that alcoholic beverages contain ethanol. Ethanol is a toxic chemical to humans, which is also a diuretic, therefore after consumption can dehydrate you. Dehydration would be the most common reason to cause hangovers and common symptoms such as headaches.

 Symptoms Of A Hangover

Headaches - The most common identifier of a hangover, commonly people would take pain or headache medication to try and get relief.
Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea - After drinking alcohol, your body's stomach lining can become inflamed, which could result in nausea and vomiting in particular.
Decreased & Lower Quality Of Sleep - REM sleep has been reportedly affected. Alcohol could help induce sleep, but your sleep could be affected during the second half.
Anxiety & Depression - Alcohol can influence the amount of serotonin and other biochemicals in your brain. Which could worsen anxiety levels, which typically wears off when alcohol levels decrease.
[Warning: Alcohol poisoning is possible if you're concerned that you or somebody has been poisoned by alcohol seek emergency medical attention immediately]


Potential Positive Effects Of Kombucha For Hangovers

When it comes to kombucha helping hangovers, we have to review each ingredient and other potential chemicals contained within the brew that may be able to help. Here'sHere's a breakdown below:
Hydration - When drinking alcohol, ethanol causes your body to become dehydrated, it needs fluids that can replace the excreted fluids. Kombucha is brewed with water being the main ingredient, and water will aid in rehydrating the body; therefore, it could help with people suffering from hangovers. 
Sugar - Kombucha contains varying amounts of sugar that make the tea sweet. It'sIt's common that blood sugars can decrease during and after consuming alcohol. By drinking a sugary, soft drink, it could help with your hangover too. "The best way to "cure" a hangover is to avoid drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, although rehydration also plays a part, so soft drinks may logically have some benefit." View the NHS article here.
Tea - Kombucha is fermented tea. It uses leaves that were steeped in a pan before being left to ferment; common types of tea would be green, black, white, or herbal varieties. Green tea has been shown to help decrease alcohol concentration in rats. Therefore it has been suggested that it could also help reduce the concentrations in humans too. Study Here.
Herbs - Kombucha is typically infused with other ingredients such as ginger, or mint. Ginger can help stomach pains and nausea, which are possible symptoms of hangovers. When a study was conducted to see the effects of ginger, it was consistently shown to help peoples stomach pains and reduce nausea. Pick an infused drink that has the potential to help reduce your stomach issues.
Fruit Infusions - It is common to see kombucha infused with blueberries, strawberries, lemon, lime, and watermelon; each is packed with vitamins and minerals. After consuming alcohol, your body may lose many essential vitamins and minerals, by consuming the fruit infusions, you can help replace them.

How Much Kombucha Should I Drink To Cure Hangovers?

The FDA doesn't recommend to drink more than one serving per day, therefore even with a hangover you shouldn't exceed this amount. As kombucha has not been proven to cure a hangover, no real guidelines exist for you to adhere too. 
[It should be reminded that if you're concerned, then you should visit your physician immediately]

Does Kombucha Cause Hangovers?

There are two reasons as to why kombucha may cause you to have hangover symptoms. Kombucha contains a small amount of alcohol and also the ''detox'' effect. 
Alcohol Content - Commercially produced kombucha typically has less than 0.5% ABV (alcohol by volume) and homebrewed kombucha up to 3.5% ABV. It'sIt's possible that if you consume too much kombucha that is a high percentage of alcohol, you could cause a hangover. Review FDA or the kombucha brand's advice for the amount of kombucha you should consume, and enjoy responsibly.
Healing Crisis - A healing crisis is said to occur when your body detoxes "A healing crisis is when symptoms from diseases and toxins that are released during a detoxification process manifest themselves. Also known as "Herxheimer Reaction" - The Natural Path
Commonly, a Healing Crisis or Herxheimer Reaction could occur after consuming kombucha; the symptoms are shown by The Natural Path are very similar to the hangover symptoms. Therefore you could mistakenly think a healing crisis is a hangover.
[If you're concerned that you're going through a healing crisis seek medical attention immediately]
Symptoms Of Kombucha Detox (Source Of Symptoms: The Natural Path)
  • Muscle Cramps Or Pain
  • Arthritic Flair Ups
  • Diarrhea
  • Extreme Fatigue
  • Restlessness
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Sinus Congestion
  • Fever
  • Skin Eruptions
  • Strong Emotions Or Mood Swings
To summarize, kombucha has the potential aid in the recovery from a hangover yet also could give you hangover symptoms too. Slightly confusing to know what to do. It'sIt's best suggested that if you enjoy kombucha drink a little, and if you're hungover you can also drink a little, but don't expect a miracle hangover cure.




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