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20 Essential Kitchen Tools for Bakers | The Complete Guide

Baking is more than just a job, it is an art, and just like any other artist, a baker needs the perfect set of tools to get the job done. Experienced bakers will tell you how it took them years of experimenting with various kitchen utensils before they finally found the best match for them. Thankfully we are here for you, with the following 20 essential kitchen utensils you will no longer have to worry about which tools to get and when to apply them.

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Considerations When Buying Kitchen Tools



Baking is all about precision from the amount of specific ingredients to the baking time. For the best outcome, we have to set up some considerations that will guide us with precision to get the best tools:
  • Type of Tool and Related Function: Equip your kitchen with the necessary appliances and tools. Also, consider tools with additional related functionality.
  • Purchase Price: It is recommended having a budget of all the kitchen equipment that you need to purchase. This should then guide you to decide on the specific purchase price that you can afford to pay.
  • Brand: Consider buying from reputable brands as they are more likely to offer after-sale services.

Overview of Top 5 Major Kitchen Tool Brands for Bakers



1. LG

LG is one of the most significant appliances manufacturers in the world. Its kitchen division has a wide range of tools designed for baking purposes ranging from ranges and ovens to microwave ovens and dough mixers. Their research and development teams are continually pushing the boundaries of kitchen appliance tech.
The brand has a long-standing reputation when it comes to manufacturing quality products. The company also pays quite a considerable investment in design and styling, ensuring that each of their products will be aesthetically pleasing in any kitchen without colliding with your existing décor.
The firm mostly focuses on electronics and has multiple units across all price points.

2. Pyrex

For over 100 years Pyrex, a subsidiary of Corning, has been manufacturing high quality tempered soda lime glass kitchenware products. Over the years they have produced products ranging from borosilicate glass cookware to cutlery and even storage equipment.
When it comes to baking, this is undoubtedly the one firm that pay attention to detail. Currently, you can get baking dishes, cups, mixing bowls, and other baking accessories. The firm also specializes in other kitchen tools such as cutting boards, block sets, knife sets, kitchen scissors, counter savers, and even sharpeners.

3. Visions

Vision is a classic European brand that deals in transparent cookware and has been operational since the 1970s. The brand relies on Pyroceram a transparent material belonging to the glass-ceramics family. This allows the kitchenware to withstand heat up to 1,560 degrees F (848 degrees C) as well as being resistant to staining.
The firm produces a number of baker related kitchenware from casserole sets to Dutch ovens. Other products in the lineup include Versa pots, stockpots, saucepans, cookpots, and skillets.

4. Chicago Metallic

When it comes to metallic commercial and foodservice bakeware segment, one name stands out, and that is Chicago Metallic. For over 100 years, the brand has provided reliable baking accessories to both business clientele as well as home bakers. Their secret is simple but effective; they use aluminized steel to produce the best heavy bakery units that will withstand years of use.
The firm specializes in baking trays, molds, and pans designed for making cupcakes, taco shells, cake, and even regular bread. If you are getting into commercial baking, the firm also offers untextured long bakery display trays, dollies, and bun pan trucks for carting your equipment around.

5. Baker’s Secret

With decades of experience, Baker’s Secret may as well be the original non-stick metal kitchenware manufacturer. The firm prides itself in carefully and tastefully designed kitchenware that delivers superior baking results. The non-stick coating on their pans provides easy release while still maintaining the aesthetics of your baked meals.
The firm also offers other kitchen tools such as silicone spoontula which is a spatula that doubles as a serving spoon. Lasagna roasting pans, pizza pans, cake racks, and cooling racks are also available.

Baking Tools Top 20

1. Measuring Spoons


Function: To accurately measure small amounts of ingredients in a recipe.
Recommended Products:
Prepworks Magnetic Spoons: (Get Yours Here)
Spring Chef Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Spoons: (Get Yours Here)
Additional Information: Engraved measurement markings are not only easy to read but also won’t fade away with time. Another consideration to look out for is the ease of storage; always go for nested spoons as they offer a compact storage capability. Additional features such as magnetism will also come in handy during storage.

2. Measuring Cups


Function: For measuring ingredients in substantial but accurate amounts.
Recommended Products:
Kitchenmade Stainless Steel: (Get Yours Here)
Bellemain Stainless Steel Set: (Get Yours Here)
Additional Information: They come in various sizes and materials ranging from steel to plastics and even silicone. While stainless steel are more expensive, they do offer the assurance of longevity, and they won’t stain.
Use a spoon to scoop up the flour into a measuring cup and finally use a flat spatula to level off the flour at the top. Remember don’t use the measuring cup to scoop the flour from the container as you can quickly end up with over 50% extra compacted flour.

3. Fine Mesh Sieve


Function: To break up any lumps in flour and aerate it for easier mixing.
Recommended Products:
Yummy Kitchenware 9" Strainer: (Get Yours Here)
IPOW Stainless Steel Fine Mesh Set: (Get Yours Here)
Additional Information: While a sifting cup can get the job done, it lacks in terms of versatility, and that’s where the fine bowl-shaped mesh comes in. This tool will break up any lumps in the flour, making it finer and as a result easier to mix. The sieve can also be used to refine the texture of sauces, drain liquids from solids, and sift other dry ingredients.
When shopping for a sieve, you should always consider the ones with heat proof handles with the sieve folded outwards along the edges to prevent particles from getting lodged in between the edges.

4. Cake Baking Pan


Function: Used to create perfectly rounded single or multi-layered cakes.
Recommended Products:
Chicago Metallic Professional Baking Pan set: (Get Yours Here)
Fat Daddio’s PSF Springform Cake Pan: (Get Yours Here)
Additional Information: When it comes to baking layered cakes, everyone often frets whether the baking pan will release the cake easily or simply ruin it all. Manufacturers have come up with various innovations to try and solve this problem from non-stick pans to removable wide-base bottoms.
Thankfully the majority of these innovations do work to a certain degree. One thing that’s for sure with a non-stick baking pan you can never go wrong. Anodized aluminum pans are also recommended thanks to their durability and non-reactivity to various recipes, even citrus-based, and savory recipes.

5. Whisk


Function: To mix, specifically used to beat eggs, whip cream, stir sauces, and batter.
Recommended Products:
OXO Good Grips Balloon Whisk: (Get Yours Here)
Additional Information: A baker’s kitchen isn’t complete without a whisk. From beating eggs to whipping cream, this tool gets the fluffy job done. To avoid spillage, whisks are designed to go with the flow while still thoroughly mixing the ingredients.
Some of the considerations to look out for a while shopping for a whisk include having a comfortable handle with a sturdy grip, polished stainless-steel wires to avoid corrosion, and the whisk should also be dishwasher safe.

6. Pastry Brush


Function: For applying glaze to pastry and delicate dough.
Recommended Products:
M Kitchen World Silicone Pastry Brush: (Get Yours Here)
OXO Good Grips Pastry Brush: (Get Yours Here)
Additional Information: When it comes to baking, there’s no limitation in terms of just how creative you can get with your recipes. Part of this requires basting hot butter, egg whites, and creams on various goods such as dough. This process requires having a delicate touch, which can only be provided by a pastry brush.
It's recommended avoiding traditional bristle brushes as they are likely to leave broken fibers in the food. A silicone brush is, in fact, the best for this job as its bristles can withstand heat and will not break, melt or warp after prolonged use. Also, look for a pastry brush with a removable head for easier cleaning which prevents bacteria and mold growth.

7. Mixing Bowls


Function: Designed to make mixing and stirring ingredients quick and easy.
Recommended Products:
Pyrex Glass Mixing Bowls: (Get Yours Here)
Premium Stainless Steel Finedine Mixing Bowls: (Get Yours Here)
Additional Information: The mixing bowl should be non-porous to prevent absorption of odors and stains. It should also be freezer safe for when you need to freeze the dough before baking.
Another factor to consider should be the ease of cleaning whereby getting a dishwasher safe mixing bowl will save you the time and hassle to clean up any sticky dough while there are plastic and silicone ones, it is recommended to get non-porous glass ones.

8. Dough Mixer


Function: Electric mixer built with unique dough mixing action.
Recommended Products:
KitchenAid KSM150P: (Get Yours Here)
Hamilton Beach Quart Bowl mixer: (Get Yours Here)
Additional Information: A dough mixer is capable of mixing water and flour in a timesaving fashion with the capability to quickly get the dough to expected texture. Dough mixers rely on motors with adjustable speeds and customized speed modes such as quick burst to ease this sticky job.
What do you look for in the perfect dough mixer? Strength, reliability, and additional support features such as the ability to hook it up to other versatile attachments in your kitchen. The majority of the manufacturers will include whisks, traditional beaters, and dough hooks with each package.

9. Cookie Cutters


Function: Cutting out cookie and biscuit dough into unique shapes.
Recommended Products:
Homey Feel Round Set: (Get Yours Here)
Ultra-Cuisine Round Set: (Get Yours Here)
Additional Information: It will cut out patterns on a roll of dough providing uniquely shaped cookies. 
They are relatively cheap. It is advisable to look into investing in a long endurance set of cutters and get a different shape to complement your cookie designs.

10. Rolling Pin


Function: Flatten out and shape dough.
Recommended Products:
Fox Run Polished Marble: (Get Yours Here)
Joseph Joseph 20085 Adjustable: (Get Yours Here)
Additional Information: While they are typically made of wood, there’s quite a sizeable amount of options to pick from to fit in with your kitchen decor. Rolling pins can either be flat or tapered at one or both ends giving more pivot control in the preparation of unique shapes such as pie shells.
Another popular design consists of a thick heavily set roller with thinner handles extending through the roller. This design will provide faster-flattening action and is often used when working on thick dough. 


11. Pastry Blender


Function: Used to mix solid fat into flour while making pastries.
Recommended Products:
Spring Chef Pastry Cutter: (Get Yours Here)
KitchenCraft Stainless Pastry Blender: (Get Yours Here)
Additional Information: Solid fat can be quite hard to work into flour, but with the right pastry cutter, you can get this job done in no time. These are equipped with sturdy metal blades that are thick to ensure quick mixing. Most pastry cutters can also be used to chop fruits and soft vegetables, and nuts. This tool will also come in handy when you want to make salsa, guacamole, and even muffin toppings.
The main consideration when getting a pastry cutter should be the sturdiness of the metal blades to prevent bending. A good handle with a soft but firm grip is also recommendable to avoid sore hands and wrists.

12. Measuring Jug (ml and Fl/oz)


Function: To measure the volume of bulk solids and liquid ingredients
Recommended Products:
Measuring Jug Stainless Steel: (Get Yours Here)
Emsa 2217 Superline Transparent Measuring Jug: (Get Yours Here)
Additional Information: Having a marked measuring jug in the kitchen will simplify measuring out various liquids such as water, milk, cream, etc. Measuring jugs have a scale marked on their side with fluid measure (ml, fl/oz).
When it comes to the material options, you can get either stainless-steel measuring jugs or ones made of clear glass, plastic, or silicone. Another feature to look out for is the type of markings used to mark the scales, always go for engraved marking as they will not suffer the same fate as printed ones.


13. Electric Scales


Function: Precise weight measurement of various ingredients.
Recommended Products:
Etekcity Digital Kitchen Food Scales: (Get Yours Here)
Salter Color Digital Kitchen Weighing Scales: (Get Yours Here)
Additional Information: Excellent tasting food relies on accurate measurement of multiple ingredients. To achieve this, you will need electric scales. These are more accurate compared to traditional weighted scales or measuring cups and spoons.
Consider getting a brand with a positive reputation, especially in terms of accuracy, reliability, and build quality. Also, get one with multiple functions such as imperial and metric systems.

14. Timer


Function: To keep count of cooking time.
Recommended Products:
Kitchencraft Soft-Touch Mechanical Kitchen Timer: (Get Yours Here)
Wrenwane Digital Kitchen Timer: (Get Yours Here)
Additional Information: To avoid undercooking or overcooking a recipe, you should use a timer to keep track of the specific cooking time. These are set to count down and set off the inbuilt alarm.
There are two types of timers, electric and mechanical ones. Mechanical are limited in terms of countdown timer with the majority featuring up to 1 hour cycles. Electric ones do not have this limitation, but they will require battery replacements after some time.

15. Spatula


Function: Flip and lift food items during cooking.
Recommended Products:
Di Oro Seamless Series: (Get Yours Here)
M Kitchen World Spatula Set: (Get Yours Here)
Additional Information: There’s no shortage of applications of a spatula in the kitchen; from flipping pancakes to scraping, stirring stews and even folding a variety of foods. A great spatula should be heat resistant while at the same time be flexible enough to get the job done.
Another factor to consider while looking for a spatula set should be FDA approved to avoid BPA contamination. A reinforced handle will also prolong the longevity of your spatula.

16. Cooling Rack


Function: To hold baked products while they cool evenly.
Recommended Products:
Baker’s Secret Nonstick Cooling Rack: (Get Yours Here)
Ultra Cuisine Heavy Duty Cooling Rack: (Get Yours Here)
Additional Information: It is essential to allow baked goods to cool evenly before storing or icing them. Having a cooling rack makes this much easier thanks to the increased airflow. A cooling rack should only be made using corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel. It should also be easy to clean and should not have any crannies where food particles might remain.

17. Cookie Sheet

Function: Baking cookies and flat products such as swiss rolls and sheet cakes.
Recommended Products:
Baker’s Secret Cookie Sheet: (Get Yours Here)
Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Baker’s Half Sheet: (Get Yours Here)
Additional Information: A cookie sheet, also known as a baking tray and sheet pan, refers to a flat rectangular metal pan used to bake flat baking products allowing them to cook evenly. Most cookie sheets are just, but a flat piece of metal sheet but some designs incorporate a rim to hold any liquids such as melting butter during baking.
An excellent cookie sheet should be easy to clean and have superior heat conductivity for the best baking results.

18. Cast-Iron Skillet


Function: To bake and cook a huge variety of dishes in.
Recommended Products:
Lodge Cast Skillet: (Get Yours Here)
AmazonBasics: (Get Yours Here)
Additional Information: The classic cast-iron skillet has for a long time been a part of any kitchen primarily on a stovetop, but it can also be used in baking. A cast-iron skillet will sauté fruits such as apples and crisp them without getting too crunchy.
There are multiple cast-iron skillet options on the market, each with their own pros and cons. For this reason, you can play around with the options as long as you get one that’s non-stick and thick enough for heat retention.

19. Food Processor


Function: Slice, dice, chop, and blend ingredients.
Recommended Products:
Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY: (Get Yours Here)
Hamilton Beach 70725A: (Get Yours Here)
Additional Information: While a food processor is similar to a blender it has an upper hand in that it can process food without liquids in them something that a blender cannot. This makes it perfect for preparing ingredients without any freshness loss.
Look for a food processor with additional capabilities such as interchangeable blade function. Finally, always go for sealed bowl designs to prevent leaks when working on liquids.

20. Thermometer


Function: To keep track of the temperature of cooking food.
Recommended Products:
Criacr Thermometer: (Get Yours Here)
Topelek Meat Thermometer: (Get Yours Here)
Additional Information: It is recommended to keep track of your oven temperature as well as that of your food for the best outcome. There are two major types of thermometers traditional liquid ones and digital thermometers.
Thermometers are also grouped into meat thermometers and candy thermometers. A meat thermometer will measure temperatures up to 200 degrees F (93 degrees C), and its design includes a probe to measure the internal temperature of chunks of meat. A candy thermometer can measure up to 400 degrees F (204 degrees C) and is best for boiling sugar, caramel, and hard candy.



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