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How Long Does Sauerkraut Last? For Every Method Of Storage
How long does sauerkraut last?  Salted sauerkraut can last for a week or 2 at room temperature or 2 to 6 months when refrigerated. Properly fermen...
What is Canning? For Home Cooks
Canning refers to preserving food content by processing and sealing it in airtight containers (cans). Canning provides up to 5 years of shelf lif...
Pickled Sausages: Your Complete Guide
  • 1 comment
Some people go for food that is sweet. Others go for salty. Others go for sour. Pickled sausages are a winning dish. The wonderful blend of sweet,...
Pickling And Canning Mushrooms: The Complete Guide
  • 1 comment
Pickling is a popular preservation technique used for hundreds of years. Pickling can preserve your vegetables for years into the future.  A popu...
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