Stainless Steel Bread Lame – Grow Your Pantry
Stainless Steel Bread Lame
Stainless Steel Bread Lame
Stainless Steel Bread Lame
Stainless Steel Bread Lame
Stainless Steel Bread Lame
Stainless Steel Bread Lame
Stainless Steel Bread Lame
Stainless Steel Bread Lame

    Stainless Steel Bread Lame

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      Product Description

      Score Bread More Easily And Make New Patterns For Your Homemade Bread.

      The Perfect Tool for Beautiful Bread

      The Grow Your Pantry bread lame is one of the best on the market when it comes to quality and value. This bread lame is uniquely designed and made with the best materials possible, high-grade stainless steel handle and authentic leather covers. Even the blades are the highest quality in stainless steel.


      • QUALITY MATERIALS: Grow Your Pantry designs baking tools with only the highest quality materials, with the best-rated stainless steel and an ergonomic, treated handle with a built in hook for convenience. It even comes with a grip for comfortable handling and for safety when in use. The Grow Your Pantry bread lame is exceptionally made and beautifully presented.

      • EASY RELEASE FEATURE: This Stainless Steel bread lame has a built in, easy to use release feature, making it safer and stronger to use. The blade WILL NOT move when in use. It means there is no pressure being applied to the blade when being assembled. No more cuts when changing the blades.

      • A GREAT GIFT: This premium bread lame is the perfect gift for that baker in your life. It is a beautiful tool, crafted with the best materials. And it’s functional as well, giving them the opportunity to create beautiful breads right at home. The protective brown box, durable spare blades and authentic leather cover are ready for gifting.

      • FIVE BLADES INCLUDED: This wonderful bread lame comes with five replacement strong and durable blades, so that you can keep scoring dough for years to come. The blades are easy to change, so that you can keep baking without hassle. The five blades are made of high-quality stainless steel and sharp enough to give you the best scores and patterns.

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      The blades that come with the Grow Your Pantry bread lame are specially crafted to create the best cuts and scores in your dough for years to come. They won’t rip or tear at the dough, which means that your cuts are beautiful and create great-looking bread every time.

      Protective Leather Cover Included it is safe and looks great even when you aren’t using it. The authentic leather protective cover will make sure that your blades are safe and secure. Pack it all into the protective brown box to make sure that no part of your lame gets damaged or dirty, and that it’s ready to go when you need it.

      In addition to looking great, this lame feels so good to use. The handle is ergonomic, with the perfect fit for your hand so you can get the most accurate scores and your hand won’t grow tired over longer periods of use. The blades are easy to change with the easy built-in release, so it’s no hassle at all.

      Achieve Artisan-Style Baking at Home. If you want your home-baked bread to look like it came from an artisan bakery and impress your friends and family you can’t go wrong with the Grow Your Pantry premium bread lame. It’s hand-crafted, looks great, is safe and performs at the highest level so that you can focus on making lots of tasty bread. You will love the way that this bread lame transforms your home baking, it’s the perfect addition to a baking lover.

      Between the high quality and top performance that the Grow Your Pantry bread lame offers, you won’t want to pass it up. Don’t Delay, Buy Now.