Stainless steel garlic press
Stainless steel garlic press
Garlic mincer
Garlic mincer
Easy garlic crushing
Easy garlic crushing
Easy garlic crushing

Stainless Steel Garlic Press - Fresh Garlic Flavor in Every Dish

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EASY PRESS EASY CLEAN: The large, comfortable handles and ingenious design make squeezing a breeze, even for those with weaker grips or small hands.

What's more, cleaning up is super simple too. Just rinse under water or run through the dishwasher.

STAINLESS STEEL: It won't rust, and won't break! The sleek design makes this the Easiest most Efficient Garlic Press you can use!

LITTLE EFFORT: Garlic is easily scooped from the center of the press; No useless scraping or squeezing;

Simply push down and rock back and forth; Easy for those with arthritis!

Package including:

1 x Stainless steel garlic press.


  • Because garlic is curved, it is elastic. The garlic press also has a curved bottom plate. Its focus is concentrated.
  • Before starting to use, press the garlic gently until the bottom can be evenly placed on the table.
  • Then press back and forth repeatedly. This prevents the garlic from bouncing out. more easily done.

How To Use It Perfectly?

  1. Remove the garlic skin with.
  2. Remove the garlic head with a knife.
  3. Press down vertically till garlic cracks and a ' back and forth rocking' motion. If the garlic is too big to operate, cut it in half, it will be easier to rock.
  4. Wash the garlic with a flowing sailor (solved in 1-2 minutes).