Complete 13 Piece Fermentation Kit  [Free Guide + Bonus Gift]
Complete 13 Piece Fermentation Kit  [Free Guide + Bonus Gift]
Complete 13 Piece Fermentation Kit  [Free Guide + Bonus Gift]
Complete 13 Piece Fermentation Kit  [Free Guide + Bonus Gift]
Complete 13 Piece Fermentation Kit  [Free Guide + Bonus Gift]
Complete 13 Piece Fermentation Kit  [Free Guide + Bonus Gift]
Complete 13 Piece Fermentation Kit  [Free Guide + Bonus Gift]

Complete 13 Piece Fermentation Kit [Free Guide + Bonus Gift]

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Looking For A Complete All-In-One Fermentation Kit, With Illustrated Guides And Bonus Recipes?

Achieving great tasting fermented foods, like sauerkraut and kimchi at home, has never been quicker or easier! The Complete 13 Piece Fermentation Kit  [Free Guide + Bonus Gift] guides you through how to get great tasting ferments every time. Ensuring that you wont have to google recipes, ask friends or research recipes for advice. Made using premium quality materials this kit has been designed for the beginner.

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Your Complete 13 Piece Fermentation Kit

✅  4 Premium Quality Lids - Your wide mouth mason jar lids are designed to ferment with no burping or checking required. They feature a date tracking ring so you don't forget when you started. Ergonomically designed to ensure easy opening when your fermented vegetables are done.

✅  4 Premium Quality Glass Weights - Your 4 dishwasher safe easy grip fermentation weights have been designed for the fermenting enthusiast. Compatible with all wide mouth mason jars, weighing 6oz they’ll ensure your vegetables are submerged, and easy to remove at all times.  

✅  Vegetable Tamper - Press and squeeze your vegetable into the jar before fermenting. No need for using your hands.

✅  6 Chalk Labels & Pen - Stick on your jars to track dates, notes, and contents.

✅  Illustrated Guide - Step by step graphics to follow, showing you how to use each piece of equipment and get started fermented in easy steps.

✅  Recipe Book - We've written out some of our favourite home ferments for you to follow, make and try.


Perfect For Beginners - Packed with all the equipment you’ll need to start your fermenting journey. Coupled with a fool-proof illustrated guide and recipe booklet that takes you from learning to trying out fun new fermentation ideas in simple steps. 


Dummy Proof Design!

Our Picture Guide - We take you step by step showing you the exact method for how to assemble, use, and make your ferments

So Simple - We’ve broken it down to be so simple, just add your ingredients secure your jar, extract the air and wait!

100% Success Rate - Our system is so comprehensive that if you don’t manage to get great tasting ferments we give you free email assistance until you can!!



Why Customer's Love Our Kit

Have 4 Ferments On The Go - With 4 lids and weights you can have 4 different ferments on the go, you no longer have to wait to try your next experiment - always have a ferment on the go!

Top Quality Materials -  High grade glass, BPA free plastic and hard wood to ensure you kit is long lasting, durable and reliable. Safe to store, easy to clean, you’ll enjoy this kit for years into the future.

Unlimited Support - If you're a beginner, don't stress we have illustrated guides, recipe books, and over 30+ online articles answering every question you may have. In addition you'll have access to email us for unlimited support and help.

Perfect Fermentation Lover's Gift - Not only is your fermentation kit packaged with care it comes in a nice gift box. You will get a Free eBook Guide with recipes from all around the world.... Oh and the Bonus Gift, which you will discover upon opening.

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We’re committed to your high-quality kit and fermenting experience. Every effort has gone into providing you with the guarantee of making delicious fermented food to be enjoyed with your loved ones. Have the confidence we’re on the other side of the messenger to help every step of the brewing journey, for advice, help or support.

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