Sushi20 - Sushi Making Kit [Easy & Fun To Make All Types Of Sushi]
Sushi20 - Sushi Making Kit [Easy & Fun To Make All Types Of Sushi]
Sushi20 - Sushi Making Kit [Easy & Fun To Make All Types Of Sushi]
Sushi20 - Sushi Making Kit [Easy & Fun To Make All Types Of Sushi]
Sushi20 - Sushi Making Kit [Easy & Fun To Make All Types Of Sushi]
Sushi20 - Sushi Making Kit [Easy & Fun To Make All Types Of Sushi]
Sushi20 - Sushi Making Kit [Easy & Fun To Make All Types Of Sushi]

Sushi20 - Sushi Making Kit [Easy & Fun To Make All Types Of Sushi]

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Creating all types of sushi at home has never been easier and more fun! The Sushi20 guides you through how to make all types of sushi from the comfort of your own home.  Ensuring that your friends and family have a blast and save lots of money with the full Japanese dining set included too. Made of high quality bamboo materials this authentic sushi making kit will have you shaping the hardest of sushi rolls with ease.


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Your Ultimate Sushi Making Kit

2 Mats - Make your favourite, salmon, tuna or California rolls. 

Maki Maker - Craft uniform maki quickly and easily (Square Rolls)

Large Sushi Plate - High quality bamboo serving board which can display & presenting all of your rolls

2x Onigiri Presses - (The triangle rolls) Add your favourite filling in the center or on top

Nigiri Press - For the uniform small rice shapes, simply place shrimp on top

Complete Serving Kit - Turn your home into a Japanese restaurant included are chopsticks, condiment tray, rice paddle and avocado spreader.

Easy To Follow Picture Guide - Get started and make sushi in minutes


Turn Your Home Into A Japanese Restaurant And Kitchen With The Premium Bamboo Sushi20™ Today


Dummy Proof Design!

Our Picture Guide - We take you step by step showing you the exact method master sushi chefs use to assemble and craft all rolls

So Simple - We’ve broken it down to become so simple, showing you what to add and when

100% Success Rate - Our system is so comprehensive that if you don’t manage to craft a perfect roll we’ll offer free email assistance until you can!!


Why Families Love Our Kit

Save Money - Thought of taking your children to eat sushi but the cost makes your heart skip a beat? We’ve got you covered

Make Healthy Food With The Family - Baking another chocolate cake or frying more instant pancake mix may send your stomach bulging and sugar levels sky rocketing… Craft something healthy

Fun For The Whole Family - Watching your children struggle, learn, and adapt to conquer and craft the perfect sushi before eating it is a fun and fulfilling process

Making Sushi With Your Friends Or Significant Other

Bored of only watching films or box-sets you’re only half engaged in? Surprise your friends and partner with a sushi making kit to make the perfect date night

Do Something Together - Learning to perfect sushi together will be exciting and rewarding

Host A Sushi Party! - Invite all your friends over and you’re sure to have a blast!

No More Overpaying - No need to pay for that expensive restaurant again! Just a few simple ingredients you can pick up on the way home from work…



Our Kit Can Save You $100’s And Why You Should Never Overpay For Sushi Again

Sushi restaurants prices are made so expensive because you’re also paying for:

Food Spoilage - Patrons don’t come and buy sushi?… It gets thrown away… you pay for that

Expensive Retail Locations - The price of the sushi is so high to pay for the restaurant’s rent and insurance!

Expensive Education - You’re paying for someone to train for years in Japanese culinary school

Too Many Staff - Yes, you’re paying for the managers, waiting staff, chef, pot washer, cleaners, accountant owner’s profit too

Take Back Control And Have Fun Making Sushi Today!


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