Kombucha Draw String Covers 3-Pack
Kombucha Draw String Covers 3-Pack
Kombucha Draw String Covers 3-Pack

Kombucha Draw String Covers 3-Pack

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Kombucha Draw String Covers 3-Pack For Brewing The Perfect Batch
Are you thinking about making your own kombucha or Jun? Looking for the best cover that will protect and block all the wrong things from getting into the jar?
All aerobic ferments require oxygen, especially at the beginning of the fermentation process, and that is why a breathable cloth cover is the best.
✅ HIGH-QUALITY KOMBUCHA JAR COVER – Why buy something that can be easily torn apart, when now you can have these strong and durable Kombucha lids made from ultra-fine breathable nylon mesh material.
✅ PERFECT FOR YOUR BREWING – Using cheesecloth to cover a brew is never a good idea even if you fold it many times. That is why we have the right solution that will block anything you don't want from getting into your tea mixture and making your brewing so much easier.
✅ GREAT PROTECTION – Unlike hard lids that after a while may lead to off-flavors or bad brew's, this breathable fermentation cloth allows the air to flow in and out, preventing fruit flies, dust or other debris from getting in your brew which makes it the perfect choice for covering your kombucha jar.
✅ JUST THE RIGHT SIZE - Trying to make your kombucha from home? If you do, then you definitely need the right kombucha accessories, and these 3 kombucha fabric lids can fit on jar mouths up to 120mm wide so you can finally have your piece of mind.
✅ UNIQUE DESIGN – Say goodbye to elastic bands that can easily be lost and cover and protect your kombucha in an easy and stylish way with this kombucha brewer lid with adjustable drawstring closure that is very easy to adjust to fit small and large jars *** JARS NOT INCLUDED
  • No Breakable Elastic Bands Needed
  • Easy to Clean and Store
  • Can Fit on Jar Mouths up to 120mm Wide
  • Color: White
  • Drawstring Closure
  • Material: Nylon Mesh 
  • 3 x Kombucha Lids 
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