Kombucha Starter Kit: SCOBY, Tea, Jar, Manuals
Kombucha Starter Kit: SCOBY, Tea, Jar, Manuals
Kombucha Starter Kit: SCOBY, Tea, Jar, Manuals
Kombucha Starter Kit: SCOBY, Tea, Jar, Manuals
Kombucha Starter Kit: SCOBY, Tea, Jar, Manuals
Kombucha Starter Kit: SCOBY, Tea, Jar, Manuals

Kombucha Starter Kit: SCOBY, Tea, Jar, Manuals

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Looking For An All In One Kombucha Starter Kit That Guides You Through The Process? 

Our premium starter kit contains the highest quality ingredients, and top quality equipment too. Everything you need to guide you through the process of making kombucha - we've made it simple! Inside is a thorough instruction manual and recipe book allowing for you to track and record every step of your brewing journey. 

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Your Ultimate Kombucha Brewing Kit

High Quality Ingredients For Many Batches - SCOBY, Sugar, Tea 

Every Piece Of Brewing Equipment - 1 Gallon Jar, Cover, Tea Strainer, Funnel, pH Testing Kit, Thermometer

Manual And Recipe Book - Guiding You Through The Process From Start To Finish, Record Every Recipe, Experiment And Test


Start Fermenting Today With The Complete Kit!


Features That Make Our Kit Superior

Best Quality Ingredients - We have sourced the finest ingredients for the kit, our SCOBY is organic, our tea is a fine blend, and sugar responsibly sourced.

Dummy Proof Design - The manual is so in depth we include instructions, illustrations and explanations.

Fun To Create - Watch your batch ferment, your SCOBY grow, and the taste evolve.

Unlimited E-mail Support - We're so confident in our product, guide, and resources that we will offer you unlimited e-mail support until you're confident brewing [info@growyourpantry.com].


1 x 1 Gallon Jar

1 x Funnel

1 x Jar Cover

1 x Thermometer

1 x pH Strips

1 x Strainer

1 x Pipette

1 x Marker

1 x Label

1 x Recipe Book

1 x User Manual


1 x Package of Tea

1 x Package of Sugar


Why You’ll Love Our Kit

Save Money - Tired of overpaying at your local health food store? Our system could save you $100’s

Whole Family Fun - Kids love our kit, they can get hands on and active then nurture the brew before drinking!

Great Tasting - Our kit gives you the ability to create every type of kombucha, allowing you to pick your preferred ingredients, second ferment fruits and flavors.


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    Dummy Proof Design

    Resource Centre - We have over 75+ written blog posts, answering every question, method and concern you could ever have about brewing kombucha!

    Manual - The manual has been designed for the beginner, taking you from knowing to nothing, to confidently brewing kombucha every time.

    Customer Support - If after reading the manual and resources you're still confused send us an email we'll help you! 



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