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Easy Fermenter Lids - 4 Pack Wide Mouth Mason Jar Fermenting Lids

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Easy Fermenter Lids - 4 Pack Wide Mouth Mason Jar Fermenting Lids


Revolutionize Your Fermentation with Our Easy Fermenter Lids! 



  • Perfect for Beginners & Pros: Our four fermentation lids fit securely to all wide-mouth mason jars. Designed with a date tracking ring, easy opening tabs, a step-by-step fermentation guide, a pump for air extraction, and chalk labels.
  • Never Lose Track of Your Ferment: Say goodbye to paper notes! We've integrated a built-in date tracker into each lid, so you always know when your batch is ready. No more guessing – simply taste and determine if it's finished.
  • Easy Tab Handle: Frustrated with hard-to-open jars? Our lids feature an easy twist tab for hassle-free jar opening, providing the leverage you need.
  • Air Extraction Made Easy: Our one-way airlock technology, combined with the included pump, makes maintaining a happy and healthy ferment a breeze. Pump out excess air with the extractor pump, and when fermentation is complete, open the jar effortlessly with the anti-slip release tabs.
  • Ideal for Fermenting Food: Whether you're into sauerkraut, sourdough, or any fermentation adventure, our Easy Fermenter Lids create the perfect environment for your creations. Expect consistent, delicious results every time.
    • Our Easy Fermenter Lids are tailored for all fermentation enthusiasts, from novices exploring the art of fermentation to seasoned pros looking to streamline their process. Use them to ferment your favorite foods like sauerkraut, sourdough, and more. Follow our step-by-step guide, track the dates, and enjoy perfect ferments without the guesswork.

      Elevate your fermentation experience and transform your wide-mouth mason jars into efficient fermenting vessels. Get your Easy Fermenter Lids now and unlock the secret to delicious, consistent, and hassle-free fermenting. Start fermenting like a pro today!


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