Complete Sprouting Jar Kit [Glass Jar + Guide Included Too]
Complete Sprouting Jar Kit [Glass Jar + Guide Included Too]
Complete Sprouting Jar Kit [Glass Jar + Guide Included Too]
Complete Sprouting Jar Kit [Glass Jar + Guide Included Too]
Complete Sprouting Jar Kit [Glass Jar + Guide Included Too]
Complete Sprouting Jar Kit [Glass Jar + Guide Included Too]

Complete Sprouting Jar Kit [Glass Jar + Guide Included Too]

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Do You Want An Easy, Hassle Free Way To Get Fresh Sprouts Everyday?


Sprouting at home has never been more quick, easy and fun! The Complete Sprouting Jar Kit is the all in one counter top solution for sprouting - get fresh sprouts every few days. It comes with a sturdy jar, unique drip drainage system and a black sleeve. Make it look great in your kitchen, as well as highly functional too.


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Your Ultimate Sprouting Jar Kit

High Quality Glass Jar - Big enough for producing a hearty portion of sprouts every time, small enough to fit in your dishwasher, high quality enough to last a life time.

Wide Mason Jar Lid - Want to use a different jar for sprouting? No problem, it's designed to fit.

304 Stainless Steel Mesh - Designed to not rust and built to last. The mesh is small enough to not allow any seeds to slip through, but large enough for maximum airflow and ventilation ensuring your sprouts never become moldy.

Drip Design - The unique design of our tray mean you'll no longer have to try and balance your jar in a bowl, simply turn over and leave to drip.

Black Out Sleeve - Never hide your jar in an airless cupboard again! Let it sit and sprout on your countertop.

Start Sprouting Today And Save Money With Our Complete Kit!

Features That Make Our Kit Superior 

Dishwasher Safe - Place all of your pieces in the dishwasher, never worry about cross contamination or unwanted mold growth again.

Easy To Clean - Our mesh isn't going to keep your sprouts stuck like glue, you can remove them, and wash quickly. 

Fun To Harvest - Remove your sleeve daily to inspect and see the sprouts shoot - it's exciting to watch what you eat grow.


What Sprouts Can I Grow?

🌱 Bean Sprouts (mung beans)

🌱 Soybean Sprouts

🌱 Broccoli Sprouts

🌱 Alfalfa Sprouts

🌱 Mustard Sprouts

🌱 The short answer is every type of sprouts!

How To Use The Kit
🌱Place Your Broccoli Or Alfalfa Seeds In The Jar For Soaking
🌱Remove And Rinse Before Placing Them In And Securing The Lid
🌱Rinse Twice A Day And Record On Your Tracking Log
🌱Watch Them Grow And Enjoy!



  • 1 x 32oz Glass Jar 
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Mesh Lid 
  • 1 x Plastic Drip Tray
  • 1 x Blackout Sleeve


  • Seeds are NOT INCLUDED 


Why You’ll Love Our Kit

Save Money - Tired of overpaying at your local health food store? Our system could save you $100’s

Whole Family Fun - Kids love our kit, they can get hands on and active then nurture the sprouts before eating!

Great Tasting - Our kit gives you the ability to sprout every type of seed, allowing you to pick your preferred salad ingredient, side dish or garnish.


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