Recommended Wheatgrass Equipment

Wheatgrass Growing Kit

It's perfect for those looking to start growing wheatgrass at home, for juice, shots or for cats. You can always buy more seeds to keep growing now you've got all of the equipment.
The Organic Wheatgrass Growing Kit by Window Garden come with seeds, a transparent tray, fibre soil and spray bottle - a complete kit at a fair price too. 
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Wheatgrass Seeds

With the best value for money is the 5lb certified organic non-gmo wheatgrass seeds. They're guaranteed to grow making them a reliable company, with a 5lb supply you'll be able to sprout these seeds long into the future - satisfying all your wheagrass needs.
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Spray Watering Bottle

This erganomically designed bottle is ideal for the home grower. It can hold up to 8oz of water which is more than enough for a few days watering supply. With a frosted color it also looks great on your kitchen counter top.
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Extra Sprouting Trays

If you're looking to increase the amount of wheatgrass you're growing then you'll need some more trays. These trays are made in USA, making them storng and very resilient. Unlinke cheap plastic ones than bend and snap as soon as you pick them up. Making them a worthwhile investment. 
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  • Great product- I have the stainless steel sprouting set. Suggestion: Stamp your logo into the stainless steel lid along with your web address. That way, people will never forget it, even when they recycle the cardboard box the sprouter came in.


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