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Fermentation Kit

After growing all summer often we'll start thinking about how to preserve our produce for the winter months. Buying a complete fermentation kit is the perfect solution. They'll guide you through the process using tasty recipes, and include all of the equipment required.
The Easy Ferment is our recommend kit of choice
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Fermentation Jars

It's essential to have fermentation jars handy when preserving. When canning the quality of the jars is very important - they must withstand rapid temperature changes. 
We would only recommend the Ball Canning brand of jar,
they've been in business over 100 years and are dedicated to providing the best lead-free jars.
 Here Is A Range Of Sizes To Suit All Of Your Needs
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Fermenting Weights

To keep your vegetables below the waterline is essential, if the vegetable breach the surface mold and a spoiled batch is often followed.
There are a couple of options, the glass weight or spring.
Our personal favourite is the FDA Approve Silliware Glass Weights.


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Fermentation Lids

Ensuring a firm airtight seal around your jar and an airlock valve at the top will let the gas out and keep the ferment in.
When making sauerkraut we would recommend to use a lid that burps, either manually or automatically. 
Our personal favourite is the 4 Wide Mouth Fermenting Jar Lids.


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Fermentation Crock

The traditional process of making sauerkraut and fermented foods is to use a fermentation crock.
They can often pack between 2-30lbs (1-13kg) of fermented vegetables at one time.
They tend to be more expensive but a complete all in one solution to fermenting.
Our favourite is the Humble House Sauerkraut Crock.
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Canning Kit

Canning is a little more complicated, for it can preserve food for years to come.
The process of sanitising your jars before boiling to kill all bacteria and then sealing your jars before boiling again makes new equipment necessary for most people.
We would recommend a complete canning kit which will also guide you through the process. 
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